View Full Version : One or more dogs.

10th November 2010, 10:39 AM
Not being a regular on this forum, I do not know if this has been asked before, I would be interested in hearing from others the pros and cons of one or more dogs.

One problem I have at the moment is the barking and growling at other dogs, separated they are ok, I have searched through the forum for a solution and together with advice from the breeder we are using the distraction method so they will associate seeing another dog with getting treats.

When we only had Willis and Toby came along there were no problems at all, when we lost Willis Toby accepted Serge immediately and now since we lost Toby our new boy Branden gets along great with Serge.

We will always have two Cavaliers and would love a third were it not for lack of space in the car, we carry our two in separate carriers which fit nicely in the rear of our car, we did consider having just the one cage in the back so as to accommodate a third cavalier but decided it was much safer removing the dogs from separate

If we ever did get a third Cavalier would the introduction be as smooth as before with just two dogs? would they be more competitive for our attention?, would two gang up onto one?.

On the plus side I think cavaliers in particular enjoy each others company and it is rather nice for us to have a dog each on our laps :).