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30th November 2010, 01:47 AM
I just got my first Cavalier, he's going to be 10 weeks this week, and he's been doing really, really well for a puppy with his potty-training. Sure, there have been a few accidents, but that's normal, right? Well, a few times, I've caught him in the middle of the act, about to go #2, and I immediately ran him outside. But when we get out there, he's not at all interested in going to the bathroom -- he just jumps up on his hind legs, pulling on his harness toward the front door to come inside! Sometimes, he'll jump and pull so hard that his little feet come off the ground and he flops over backwards. He's amazing at peeing outside, he'll go every time I take him out, and he's had far less pee accidents in the house, but he'll really only poop twice a day, if that. That is, outside! He loves to go on our kitchen carpet to do his business, and we've cleaned the spots over and over again with Nature's Miracle. I know he's just young, but how can I stop him doing this? It's so frustrating to have him doing so well with one half of potty training and so poorly with the other!

30th November 2010, 05:37 PM
I would say that when you catch him in the middle and take him out - stay out with him until the does his business and then reward him heavily. If he has to go it shouldn't take that long until the urge strikes him again. Make sure you take him out right after eating and naptime at that age.

Potty training goes easier if you have pup in the crate unless you can supervise 100% - accidents are normal until they get the hang of it but each time they have an accident they are learning that "this is an appropriate place to do my business" and it will set back training.

30th November 2010, 06:19 PM
My puppy caught on very quick with potty training, I am not sure it was because we had another dog in the house to show him the "ropes" or it was because I was not working for the first three weeks when we brought him home so I was able to spend 24/7 monitoring.

When I can tell that he has to go, but does not poop right away, I put him in his kennel (because he will not go in there) and after ten or so minutes I bring him outside and then he does his business.

Also we found that ignoring him till he does his business helped!

Good luck!

1st December 2010, 08:33 PM
What I have been doing with Coco is if I KNOW she has to go potty, and then only wants to play outside, I give her a few minutes as a chance and if she doesn't potty we calmly go back inside and I crate her for another 10 minutes and try again. She gains her freedom apon coming back inside when she does potty outside :) I also will usually stay out a while longer after she pottys outisde so that she doesn't learn that as soon as she goes potty she has to come back in...because she does enjoy romping outdoors. I do also give her a treat when we come back in because I dont want her to think coming back inside is no fun either!

1st December 2010, 10:41 PM
Thank you guys so much for all your advice! I'll have to start using his crate more often, right now he pretty much just sleeps in there or goes in if I have to do something and none of my family can watch him. I might be spoiling him too much! :o He's getting better though, not as much pulling and more just going outside to do what he needs and coming back in. Of course, that could be because it's been snowing and he's probably thinking, "Hey, this is cold! Let me back in!" But you guys give great advice that I will definitely take advantage of!