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theresa d
3rd December 2010, 05:19 PM
Looking 4 some advice if anyone can help please. I have a cav just almost 6mts old,he's had colitis twice now which reoccurred when i tried to put him back on his dry food after a 10day bland diet,very slowly reintroduced the dog nuts and also changed brands incase he was intolerant to the first food. he's just started flagyl for the 3rd time yesterday and antepsin 3 times daily, just wondering if anyone has been through the same problem and can you give me any idea on where to go from here? following this what on earth am i going to feed him he cant live on chicken and rice 4ever:(

3rd December 2010, 06:34 PM
It took a long time for me to find a food that suited Bosco when he was little. He had similar problems to your pup. The vet gave him tinned prescription food - I think it was Hills Science Plan, but I could be wrong. He ate that for a couple of months, then on to Hills dry food. I didn't like that, so I changed him to Arden Grange, and ultimately James Wellbeloved because I had problems getting the Arden Grange. He is fine now, and rarely has a soft poop.
I don't know where you live, but you might find these foods will suit your pup.
What are you feeding him now? It could be that he is intolerant of the grains in what you are giving him.

theresa d
3rd December 2010, 08:31 PM
thanks 4 that! when I got him he was on pedigree puppy nuts and he seemed fine,I changed him to suit another pup who was very small at the time and they were both on Burns mini bites,thats when it all started,after the 2nd bout of it i put him back on the pedigree dry nuts but that didn't work either,at the mo he's back on bland diet so i'm cooking chicken and rice,or potato and an odd egg here and there. I will b back at vets in the next 10days so I can ask what he recommends just hope it doesnt go on much longer,poor baby!

theresa d
22nd December 2010, 03:11 PM
well so far so good! Vet put him on Skinners,hypoallergenic nuts,gluten free and doing well. they are for adult working dogs and he's only 6mts so i hope nutrition wise these will b ok for him? he is gaining weight again and no more soft poo so making lots of progress!