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Brian M
5th December 2010, 07:54 PM

After watching the "How To Do" videos ,what combs ,brushes etc do you think are the best to use for their daily tidy up .I have a Mason Pearson brush and a metal comb similar to the one in the video and assorted PAH combs and brushes also please what general spray or coat polish do you think is best .

What was the last brush that he used on the Cavalier .? I only brush and comb them all daily just to try and keep their coats nice and have some sort of control on the knots that appear from nowhere and they do go to a smashing professional groomer approx every eight weeks for the correct procedure .:o

5th December 2010, 10:07 PM
I use a slicker brush, a metal greyhound comb and an anti-static brush on Lola :) i couldn't live without them! they seem to be the only brushes that keep matts away, which turn up out of no where!!

Brian M
5th December 2010, 10:18 PM
Just bought a
Chris Christensen Little wonder Brush 27 mm Pin to add to my colection ,it get good reports .

5th December 2010, 10:24 PM
Groomers' conditioners and conditioning sprays are popular with show people. I like their Evening Primrose conditioner after shampooing. For spraying between shampoos I like their spray conditioners. The right one to use for your dog depends on the type of coat. Have a look on their web site or Google Ken Smith Canine to see what they do. If you are still not sure have a word with Lesley or Ken on the 'phone and they will be pleased to help you. They supply by post. I have been a customer of theirs for years and can completely recommend them.

5th December 2010, 10:32 PM
I use Furminator Waterless de shedding shampoo & conditioner, Nicki recommended it and I find it fantastic. I use a firm brush but do not use a comb. I also use the groomers conditioner de-tangle.


5th December 2010, 10:44 PM
I use the furminator and the dry shampoo for Daisy.
For Holly, a pure Boar bristle brush and a Daily spritz with Chris Christensen Ice on Ice.
Its a spray on leave in conditioner which leaves the coat soft and not at all oily.
She gets washed in the Chris Christensen Day to Day moisturising shampoo and it's wonderful.
I rarely use a comb but I have a stainless steel pin brush (25 mm if I recall.)
Also a chamois/leather mitt is good.
Tearstains can be a killer,try eye envy..the trick is to use enough of the liquid and a small dab of vaseline lip balm underneath the tear tracks will prevent the stains from staining the face.
I'm going to try Thornits powder for Daisy's ears as she has major wax problems.