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9th December 2010, 01:58 PM
I wrote a blog this morning and then something happened as I had tears pouring down my face. It was titled who will lick my tears. As I think about the end of the year, I am blessed to have Ella still with me but I have been upset thinking what if it is my last Christmas. It was a painful morning. I have always thought Ella was my "saving grace" and there is a story behind it.

Now to how I know angels are watching over me. I contacted my breeder about registering Ella and also mentioned how she told me that when the time is right, she would like to give me another puppy. Now that I am moving, I will be able to have another because I will not be climbing stairs. At one time, she mentioned Ella's sister had a puppy but I was torn. On one part, I thought it is my last link to Ella, but then I knew I could not handle a puppy then. So I did not get her.

Ella is much happier around another Cavalier but a puppy would be too much. Not only will it make Ella happier, I think it will be good to have another Cavalier to comfort me when (God hoping not soon) it is time to say goodbye to Ella. I asked Ella's breeder that if she ever has an older Cavalier that she is no longer breeding or showing, please let me know.

She told me that she will be placing Tiffany in 2-3 months who is 6 years old. I am tearing up because I will still have a piece of Ella to live on. I am not going to be alone and I really believe that someone is looking over me. :(

So I truly believe God only gives you as much as you can handle.

9th December 2010, 02:02 PM
Here is her picture...


9th December 2010, 02:35 PM
Oh she's very beautiful - sorry I'm a bit confused icon_blshing she's Ella's sister?

Tiffany is a lovely name too.

Is she MRI scanned?

9th December 2010, 03:57 PM

I have not committed to her but no she is not Ella's sister so she does not have Ella's father in her. I emailed her breeder to ask for her relation. I talk about thinking before getting a Cavalier and testing etc. but I am torn because it feels like family. I know that it is strange to think of dogs being related to some people (I know that Ella has some lineage with some people on this forum) and that is connection to me. I know that Tiffany is somehow related to Ella's mom and is registered with CKCSC USA so maybe Rod can help me look up that information? Not sure of the details.

It brings me to tears because do I want to turn someone that is part of Ella's family. I have been through a bunch of heartache and I know before I ever buy a puppy I would spend all the time researching and picking the right breeder. I am not saying Ella's breeder is wonderful but it is the fact that she has that connection.

I am going to a show this weekend and also a regional cavalier club meeting and will talk about it more. I know one person has been looking for me from some breeders that scan who have older Cavaliers they are not showing.

It is a big decision and I always say that it is an important one. I have not signed on the dotted line, but at least it gave me hope when I felt hopeless this morning.

I think that is the best part.

9th December 2010, 09:39 PM
Aw Annie, that is heartbreaking and at the same time really beautiful. I know that Ella would always want her mommy looked over at! The pic of Tiffany is adorable.
I am glad you are considering having another dog, and an older cavalier is a good idea. Ella would be happy to know that, even if the time comes she is looking over you in heaven, you will have a furry friend who is still not at the rainbow to keep u company and cuddle you!!!!! And as long as she is here, she will have time to get to know Tiffany and pass on all her "knowledge" to her! :)