View Full Version : Frustrating day!!! (flight,scratching and ears...)

9th December 2010, 10:01 PM
I missed my flight to the Dominican Republic. Boyfriend left his passport at home :( Leaving tmrw now...
However, Blondie is not doing well the last days.. Just before we are leaving, as if leaving isnt hard enough as is!

The symptoms that led to her previous MRI /suspicion off SM and diagnosis of SM and PSOM followed by miryngotomy came back suddenly.
She all off a sudden has a 300 percent increase in scratching, shaking her head, and in super super agitated. Scratching at both ears, both sides, and digging digging digging.
I have a feeling the PSOM may be acting up again. For those of you who remember her story, Blondie has SM and a bad scan but after the draining off both ears had a virtual releave of symptoms immediately.
Now I have to wait a week to take her to the neuro. I want to talk to him about draining her ears again, without another MRI. I know the PSOM is only diagnosed again on MRI, though it almost always returns in dogs with bad cases. But to have an MRI done everytime there is the possibilty of return is not financially possible. (since it returns 7-10 times easily in a lifetime in dogs who are symptomatic from it!!!!)
Sometimes they can see the eardrum bulging under a microscope under full anesthesia, but not necessarily.
I was hoping to get her spayed soon, but I feel this needs to be taken care and under control first. I can't put her through spaying the way she is now. I was also then thinking doing the myringotomy and spaying at the same time, but if the myringotomy doesn't help (there is always a possibility of the SM kicking butt!) then it wont be good to have her all scratchy and agitated while recuperating.
Aaaah. Sorry if I'm rambling, this is all so frustrating. I know that i was gonna have to face this problem again sooner or later, but still...
The PSOM makes everything so complicated and "if" "if"...
I am also seriously considering driving to Ohio and getting the eartubes put in (they only do the eartubes for PSOM at Ohio State University, but it's know to really help)..
So many questions....
Once again sorry for my rambling! Thank god for this board though. :)