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10th December 2010, 07:57 AM
6 year old puppy farm rescue female in Lusk, Co. Dublin with Homeward Bound.

(Only pic I could find)

10th December 2010, 08:44 AM
She's lovely and looks so happy already :lotsaluv:

10th December 2010, 11:46 AM
Sad to see Bonnie looking for new home. This is one of Lucille's (Zoe Bowie) dogs. I have met Bonnie, she is a sweet old lady and truly deserves a loving home.

Zoe bowie
10th December 2010, 06:21 PM
Unfortunately due to lack of socialisation with other dogs we have to find Bonnie a new home, one where she will be an only dog & where she will be loved & takencare of in the way she deserves. She is a little dote but being in a multiple dog house is not working out for her, my heart is broken having to rehome her, but she will only go to a home where she will be an indoor dog, adult only & where there will be someone at home with her most of the day-preferable close to me so can keep in contact.

We took her out of a puppy farm back in June and have worked with her, she is now house trained, but she is old, so we can't change her behaviour. She will make someone the most loving pet, and I will miss her dearly but know I'm doing the best & right thing for Bonnie.

10th December 2010, 08:58 PM
Oh I am sorry to hear that she needs to be rehomed. The very best of luck to Bonnie in finding a lovely new home (but is she only 6? I had thought older from when you posted a lot about her here when you first got her? If she is just 6 she would certainly not be an 'old' cavalier, just middle aged. :) ).

You might need to talk again to Homeward Bound if you wish to have ongoing contact with a new home, as for legal reasons on both sides, the majority of Irish rescues would not place former homes in contact with new homes of dogs they rehome and if this is important to you, you'd want to clarify this important point -- remember, you benefited from that anonymity (and the comfort for a new owner that comes with it) when you adopted Penny. :flwr: To be honest, new homes often feel very anxious and uneasy about having former owners wishing to stay in touch and especially, visit -- it does make people feel they are being scrutinised and like they may lose their dog if the owner changes their mind. This is one of the key reasons responsible rescues have this as a general rule internationally, and it would be best practice for both rescue and the people involved in a rehoming (and is good for the dog, who gets a chance to bond with her new owners).

Perhaps someone here who knows you from the board might be interested though as many will feel they know Bonnie. :D

Zoe bowie
11th December 2010, 08:36 AM
Thanks for the advice Karlin, Bonnie's age is a mystery, we were told she was 6 but my vet thinks she could be older possibly 8 or even older (homeward bound know this), we've no paperwork to prove her age!

I don't want to 'visit' her as it would break my heart leaving her every time, but I'd like to know she is doing well, I'm not rehoming her because I'm bored with her or because I can't take care of her, or because I'm neglecting her like so many other rescue dogs, like Penny, but because I know it's best for her,she's stressed with the other dogs here & can't cope with attention going to others...I'll miss her dearly, but know it's the right thing to do.

If anyone on here wants to rehome her they areore than welcome to apply, she is a stunning dog, her health is good, since having her anal gland removed she has come on leaps & bounds withno complications, she is neutered, chipped, vaccinated, wormed &had her hernia fixed also! Her ears need constant attention & she has a lung infection at the moment that we are treating, she will not be re-homed until this is under control. Her heart has no murmur but is very slightly enlarged but the vets in the UCD hospital have said nothing that requires meds at the moment.

She is a cheeky sole, lives her walk, although it can't be a long one, she gets tired (or fed up) she loves human contact & is full of licks & cuddles. She is a dream dog when on her own, she will make someone a great pet but no children as she is extremely nervous of them, she is nervous of strangers too...this is why puppy farming has to stop worldwide, here is a dog if brought up in a family from a puppy would've had a better life-that's all I want her to have, one where she is loved & taken care of, spoilt even...shoot I'm crying even typing this, I'll be a basket case when she goes :(

11th December 2010, 09:07 AM
zoe , hugs to you . you have done your best and you want the best for the dog . im sure someone will give her a good home. puppy farming is evil and must stop.x

Margaret C
11th December 2010, 05:05 PM
It sounds as if you have given her marvellous care.

I'm just so sorry that you have not proved to be the perfect home for Bonnie.

Unfortunately unsocialised dogs cannot be given the confidence they should have learned in puppyhood.

I hope she finds a haven where she can relax and blossom as the one and only pet..