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13th December 2010, 03:19 AM
Hi everyone! I'm Pat and have three dogs; 2 Cavs and a German Shepherd. Both of my Cavaliers have come to us during the last year and I've become a huge fan of the breed. I doubt that I'll ever be without a Cavalier in my life from now on.

I work in a large Animal Shelter and both of my Cavaliers are adoptees that were rescued from Puppy Mills where they were used as breeders. Gracie is my beautiful tiny Blemhiem girl who's three. She's about 12 lbs max and a bundle of energy and personality. In the past month we've added Hayley, a Tri-Color girl to our family. We think she's about seven but don't really know. She does have a heart murmur but so far is not symptomatic and doesn't require medication. Gracie's heart appears to be in good shape at this point.

Puppy Mill dogs receive poor to non-existent health care, have little contact with people and are fed the cheapest of food. As a result they usually have an assortment of medical and personality issues.:( Hayley's teeth were in such poor condition that it was impossible to judge her true age. She was spayed on Friday and we did dental work at the same time. She needed to have several teeth removed. Fortunately she came through the procedures with flying colors. That's been a big relief particularly with her heart issue.

Gracie bonded very strongly and quickly with me but is very cautious around other people and sudden movements upset her.

Fortunately, with my job, I can take at least one of them to work with me which is a great job benefit.

Keira, my GSD will be six in March and is the smartest dog I've ever seen as well as the most beautiful. Not that I'm prejudice! She outweighs the Cavs by almost eighty lbs but has been very good with the them so far. I'm very careful though because of the size difference.

I'm thrilled to have found this forum and hope to learn a great deal.:smile: