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13th December 2010, 03:14 PM
Harry was put on prilactone last week in addition to the frusemide he was already on. It seems like although they started working straight away making him pee a LOT, it took about a week until he started feeling happier. Im trying not to get my hopes up but he seems a lot better this week.

Since starting on the Prilactone he's been coming up to my room about 4 times a night to let him out for a tinkle. On Saturday night he came in at about midnight but didnt want to go out and he slept all the way through the night. Then yesterday he came up at about 1:30am and didnt need to pee at any other time in the night until about 9am this morning :huh:

Does this mean the diuretics arent helping him anymore or is he just settling into them?? Im very worried :(

13th December 2010, 03:25 PM
Does his belly look smaller? If so then I think they may have drained some/most of the excess fluid so he will need to pee less often now.

If he is lying on his back, does his belly feel tight still? Like a balloon? If you gently tap it, does the fluid slosh about it? [do you have another dog you can compare this with? Any breed who are relaxed enough to let you do that.]

It's great news that he is a lot better, I think you are right not to get too hopeful, but just enjoy these precious days.

16th December 2010, 09:26 AM

My dog scooby was recently put on prilactone as well as his fruisimide , I also noticed the first week he was always desperate for a wee and his poo went loose. I discussed it with my vet and decided that he was on 1 half fruisimide twice a day and 1 prilactone a day so we decided to substitute the second dose of fruisimide in the evening for prilactone and he seems alot better. He is still weeing alot but no too much and his poo has got back to normal. I would recommend discussing with your vet if you think having an additional dieretic is too much for your dog as it may be worth substituting the fruisimide with the prilactone as my vet said they do the same job anyway......

Good luck and let me know how you get on......


16th December 2010, 10:01 PM
How is Harry now, Hannah? Have been thinking of you :wggle:

16th December 2010, 11:54 PM
Thankyou for the replies everyone!

Harry is doing a lot better he is only going for a tinkle once a night and he has slept through a couple of times. He is back to nearly normal which puts my mind at ease a little for a while. He was running and jumping yesterday :D I know I wont be able to shake the feeling in the pit of my stomach wondering how long he will be happy on these new tablets and when he isn't, there is absolutely nothing left I can do. I'm treasuring every moment with him but at the same time I feel like I can't do other things other than be with him and if I do I feel awful/guilty and just feel like I need to get home an be with him. This will make it even harder when the time comes because at the moment my whole life is 100% revolving around my little Harry.

5th January 2011, 08:36 AM
How's Harry doing now? We have been thinking of you over the Christmas period