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14th December 2010, 11:16 PM
i was wondering if anyone has tried this for their SM cavie?


I've have no experience with magnetic therapy and don't really know anyone who has tried it. But they're supposed to reduce pain, does anyone think they could help with neuropathic pain? Lola fortunately doesn't have any severe pain symptoms *touch wood* but i do wonder if she just hides it really well sometimes :(

If any of you have tried one, did they help at all? Would you recommend it? Lola doesn't respond at all to gabapetin, so i worry a lot that if the SM does worsen there wont be anything to reduce symptoms as drugs don't seem to do anything with Lola. So i'm trying to find other solutions, just in case ;)

Brian M
15th December 2010, 08:18 AM

After Rosies MRI which found no SM but CM and a disc problem I bought one of these ,it does no harm and may do some good so she wears it 24/7.:)

21st December 2010, 02:09 AM
Have you been discussing medications with your neurologist? If she doesn't respond to gabapentin there are other options such as pregabalin which can be paired with more straightforward pain meds (of which there is a wide range). Also I would keep her off activities likely to increase her CSF flow and create pain if the main pain meds do not or are unlikely to work out of fear of creating problems in future -- although I think you are keeping her off agility now? What does your neurologist say about such activity? I am sure it depends on the individual dog.

It can be pretty hard for owners to assess whether a dog is experiencing neuropathic pain because a lot of it takes the form of deep headaches, etc, so it is best to make sure a neurologist is also assessing her as not experiencing much pain. :thmbsup:

Personally I wouldn't spend money on magnetic collars but others may feel they see some benefit. I would have a dog assessed for pain by a neurologist first though. I do not know of any neurologist who recommends magnets as a help.