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21st December 2010, 09:41 PM
I found out Ella is on the max dose of Lyrica and I am still seeing some difficulties. Tania sent me something on Toxicil and also I read about it from Minnie's Wobble. I looked at the leaflet and when I did a quick search it looks like it is only offered in the UK.

I have asked Ella's neurologist several times about it and he never calls me back. He is real nice and will give Ella accupuncture for a discounted rate, but it seems like I had to talk to him about Lyrica and he never tells me about any newer drugs. I think my main concern was when he recommended Ella to have another surgery which he has never done. He is a board certified neurologist and I think he is great especially since he is in my city. However, I had him call Dr. Dewey to learn more before I made that decision.

Couple of questions. NC State Vet is not too far, should I go to see someone there that may know a little more? I know this is not his speciality like Dr. Marino, Dr. Shores, etc and he is a good neurologist, but I would like to have someone who can give me other choices.

Is Troxicil just in the UK? How can I get Tens?

Thank you.

PS. still waiting for him to call me back.icon_whistlingTook him a couple of weeks to tell me if Ella's dosage for Lyrica was right. (he wrote it for 2 50 mgs 2 x a day) so instead of 100 mg total 200 mg total.:*gh:

22nd December 2010, 10:39 AM
Anne, it might be worthwhile contacting the manufacturers of Trocoxil to see if it is available in the US. It may also be known by the name of Mavacoxib.

Pfizer Limited (http://www.noahcompendium.co.uk/Compendium-datasheets_by_company/Companies/-30224.html)
Address: Ramsgate Road
Kent CT13 9NJ
Telephone: 0845 300 8034 (Out of hours: 01304 616161)
Fax: 01737 332521
Email: UKVetLine@pfizer.com
Website: www.pfizerah.co.uk (http://www.pfizerah.co.uk)

It is certainly a great help to Minnie, as proved by recent events. She had her 2nd dose on Friday and is back to playing with her toys and ball:D

22nd December 2010, 01:49 PM
Trocoxil is actually not anything you need to see a neurologist for. Vets prescribe it -- it is just another variety of vet painkiller. I don't think it is considered to be especially helpful as separate to any other painkiller -- the main advantage is just that you only have to give it once a month. I found an abstract for a study of its use on osteoarthritis and it hd about the same results and safety profile as carprofen. http://www.vin.com/proceedings/Proceedings.plx?CID=WSAVA2002&Category=5538&PID=32466&Print=1&O=Generic

However the fact that it is also only given monthly may be also a *drawback* that must be considered. If someone starts their dog on this, and s/he has a bad reaction, it is going to remain in their bloodstream for a month before it clears. For this reason, my vets are always a bit wary of prescribing it. I decided not to opt for it with Leo for this reason. My understanding from talking to Clare is that the main reason she recommends it is ease of use compared to giving something every day and its good safety profile. It is not because it is considered to address SM pain anymore effectively than other options.

The generic name is mavacoxib. Cautions say it cannot be used where animals have 'cardiac insufficiency' so that may mean MVD would mean it cannot be used.

It does not look to me like it has been approved for use in the US but anyone can discuss with their vet. Maybe it is available in Canada.