View Full Version : How many times does Cav have to go out as he grows up??

22nd December 2010, 03:32 PM
Quick question, my little guy, Latte, is now 6 months old. He doesn't have accidents ever but I'm still taking him out a lot (about 6 times a day: wake up, hour after breakfast, twice while i'm at work (a walker), when i get home, before bed). What is the range on how much these guys should be going out, and when can it go down a bit? I know the months old plus one thing, but I'm not totally bought into it.

Thanks for help on this!

theresa d
22nd December 2010, 05:47 PM
I have a six month old too,on doing a count on average a day i probably let him out 5/6 times,which is more than I would have thought! especially after feeding him as i find if he is going to have an accident it's usually after a meal and then it's my fault not his. in saying all that when i'm at work,which is only 2 weekdays someone checks in mid-day and lets him out and then we're home by 6 and he's almost always dry, and he manages never to wet at night either,so they can prob hold on longer than we give them credit for!

22nd December 2010, 09:30 PM
6 times a day is not a lot - how often do you visit the toilet??

For him to be completely house-trained at 6 months you are doing very well - we usually say that they are not 100% until a year.

I would expect an adult dog to go out at least 5 times a day.

23rd December 2010, 06:31 PM
That's great that your pup is doing so well at just 6 months. :D You may often see a bit of regression around this age for a few months, so just keep that in mind to expect some accidents, and continue with the positive, no punishment training and reinforcement. :thmbsup:

how often do you visit the toilet??

:lol: Yes not a bad way to consider it -- quite seriously!! as though a dog CAN hold it for up to 7ish hours (that is with NO activity -- in the same way that you or I could hold it all day at work if we just sat in a chair and didn't drink much water etc, or overnight while sleeping)... but it isn't fair or comfortable for a dog to HAVE to hold themselves for hours and hours just to suit us -- eg to make it less taxing to open a door to let the dog out. :)

Most dog will really appreciate getting a chance to relieve themselves about 5-6 times a day -- about every 4 hours -- and will immediately take advantage of being let out to d so. An older dog, a younger dog, a dog with health issues may need to go every few hours -- just as with humans, they can't hold it as long as they age.

I only ever leave mine for 7ish hours occasionally, when absolutely unavoidable -- I would not do this every day.

On a separate topic :) -- full time workers definitely do have a dilemma that has to resolved if they own dogs, as managing dogs in absentia (for half the dog's daily waking hours) requires doggy daycare, coming home at lunch or getting someone else to come in and give the dog a toilet break and some stimulus. They cannot be left outside (very poor quality of life, susceptible to being stolen or acquiring serious behaviour issues due to boredom), and they should never be crated for a full working day (crating is a short term management technique or a nighttime sleeping option but is cruel as a full day, every day caging in a space smaller than a rabbit hutch). We'd consider this impossibly cruel fior a zoo animal -- it's really sad that some trainers actually advocate caging a lively social animal like a dog in this way for hours on end).

24th December 2010, 12:38 AM
I find I take my 4.5 month old girl out almost every 1 - 2 hours when we are home with her! While we are at work she is left for 4 hours, then has a potty break for my fiance's 1 hour lunch, and then is left another 4 hours until we both get home.

I don't think I go to the bathroom that much a day though lol... maybe 3 or 4 times a day?