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25th December 2010, 08:54 PM
Hi I got my first cavalier yesterday. She is only 8weeks and is happy and lovely. Toileting is a nighmare but was expecting that, have made good progress considering we have only been together 1 day :) but she has just done a poo (annoyingly on my sofa!!) but it had some what looked like blood in it. It wasnt dark but bright and dare I say looked a bit jelly like. I was told she has been wormed but is running her bottom along the floor so I suspect she does have worms, could this bloody stuff be related to that or something else. I will obviously get her to vets on tue but this is worringme now :(
thankyou for listening to me.

26th December 2010, 02:08 PM
Congratulations on your new puppy!

Has puppy actually had diarrhoea or was this a normal poo, but with mucus? Did the breeder give you some of the food puppy has been eating, and have you kept puppy on this or given her something different? Puppies very easily get upset tummies and sudden change is not good for them.

Mucus indicates an irritated gut lining.

Diarrhoea can very quickly dehydrate a young puppy - and needs urgent veterinary attention [one reason why Christmas is not a good time to have a new puppy]

She may be running her bottom along the floor if it is sore - or it could be for attention. Did the breeder give you the dates and a note of the product she has been wormed with?

Once a dog or puppy enters your house, I'm afraid things will never be the same again, they will have accidents throughout their lives...

I'm a bit shocked that a responsible breeder allowed a puppy to go home on Christmas Eve :yikes:yikes:yikes It is a busy time in almost every household and not a good time to introduce a new family member - who needs quiet and lots of individual time.

Have you downloaded the Ian Dunbar puppy books and read the appropriate sections on the board about raising a puppy?


26th December 2010, 02:28 PM
Blood in a puppy generally is an urgent call for a vet -- if there's any decline *whatsoever* call the emergency vet today. A puppy can go downhill to an irrecoverable point (eg die) within 24 hours especially at this young age where they have virtually no immunities and as Nicki says, can dehydrate quickly. Many breeders do not home pups this young these days, especially of small breeds, for this reason -- they are a lot more robust, mostly or completely thru their puppy shots with better immunity, better socialised to dogs and humans, and on their way with housetraining at 10-12 weeks (which is more the norm for good cavalier breeders for homing pups). Usually too they will avoid placing a puppy at Christmas -- stress alone could be causing a puppy to get diarrhea and blood and stress -- lots of attention, activity, new people etc -- can worsen a health condition like this quickly. Also vets are generally closed at holiday time so there's no one to deal with an emergency. :( I'd keep your pup quiet and away from household activity til you can get to a vet.

With blood/scooting you could be dealing with worms -- which also can be very serious in a pup this young -- or mild tummy upset on to bleeding gastroenteritis (which typically is jelly-like blood) which can quickly cause a pup to go downhill. It is unlikely but still must be considered -- as she will have little to no immunity -- that this could be parvovirus, which is usually fatal for puppies. Make sure the pup is getting water (even if you need to have her lick it from your fingers every hour or so) and get to a vet asap. I will stress again that if I wre you and saw even minute changes for the worse I would get that puppy to an emergency vet rather than risk losing her.

Please let us know how she gets on. BTW a pup generally needs to be wormed several times at intervals as all are pretty much born with a wormload and thus need repeated wormings with appropriate dosage and timing under vet supervision.

On housetraining: There are a lot of good training links pinned to the top of the training section that will help you with housetraining. This is generally a year-long process with the first 6 months a time when you can simply assume there will be many many accidents -- which are always OUR fault not the puppy's -- just as no one would shout at or punish a toilet-training toddler who is only trying to put together a lot of new, confusing information at a time when they are small and understand little (eg just as a toddler must find it hard to understand why they suddenly have to go sit on a pot rather than just go, so too must a puppy have a hard time fathoming where it is supposed to go, especilly as it has little understanding of an entire house being 'wrong' -- you generally have to housetrain room by room over many months). Good housetraining requires 1) good managament -- eg a puppy this young should never be out of arm's reach, never allowed unsupervised in rooms or on furniture (and soft furnishings like beds and sofas are a very attractive soft place for puppies to go, so you need to always have a puppy on your lap and only at a time when you KNOW they are 'safe' (eg have just gone outside and are least likely to have to go again). They need to be taken outside to go nearly every hour or two at her age, and always upon waking, after a meal or snack, after playing, after drinking water. :thmbsup: The Ian Dunbar book (free download) will get you off to a great start with lots of management ideas. Of course never ever scold or punish or the pup generally simply learns not to go in front of you -- eg to go stealthily so it doesn't get shouted at. Keep in mind puppies like human babies have to go a LOT and all the time so do be sure to use the training links/Ian Dunbar book to help your understanding about how to do this in a productive and most ffective way! :) BTW in rescue we often refer to puppies as 'poopies' and for obvious reasons. :lol:

Best of luck and please come back to let us know what the vet says and how she is. :flwr:

26th December 2010, 02:54 PM
thankyou for your replies, with regards to her food breeder did give us a bag of her usual food which we have mixed with food we have got in for her. maybe this was too soon. also blood was in runny poo but poo has become 'normal' now and no blood in the last one. she is till very playful and happy. I didnt expect her to let us bring her home christmas eve but it was the day we suggested as I am not working and we never have visitors so house hold is just the four of us, maybe this is why she allowed us. I did wonder if she was very young. She had her health check, first vacination and wormed on thurs so day before we collected her. could it maybe be a reaction?

I will keep you updated on her progress.

Have to say it is like having a new baby in the house and I am feeling like a new mum with the constant worry and supervision and lack of sleep lol but I am loving it :w**h**: