View Full Version : What do you do with your poo?

28th December 2010, 12:17 PM
Just out of interest...?! Out of our pair one of them always goes in the same place but the other can go anywhere and with the current wet weather it gets really disgusting if we don't pick up at least once a day. What cleaners do u use on your patio areas? Dougal is a rascal for pooping and weeing all over the place and while nobody is using the outdoors at the moment I'm conscious that the dogs might bring in stuff on their paws and also I want to have it clean for summer when we'll have a toddler running Around.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas. :)

29th December 2010, 01:16 PM
i try and pick up every day. in fact ive just been cleaning up now, i put it in bags then into the outside bin. the snow just melted here and ive found lots of presents , yuck , but mostly ruby waits til we get on our field to do her business, im a childminder and ideally she doesnt use the garden as a toilet at all , but with the snow we have had its been unavoidable .

29th December 2010, 01:59 PM
I always go out with them and pick up. That said, it's not like I've not had the occasional "accident" indoors, and when it happens, I use an enzymatic cleaner like "nature's Miracle" - not sure if they have that or something similar in Ireland.

29th December 2010, 02:01 PM
Well in the winter like this, it is not a problem! I just take the snowblower and run it around where the dogs have done their thing. Poof like magic it is all gone! Most of the poo winds up on our neighbors roof! The craby one that we don't like.:lol::lol::lol:

29th December 2010, 03:26 PM
I try to pick it up every three days, with two dogs it does add up. I know you can buy "paw wipes" that are sold just to clean their paws of "fecal matter" and other gross stuff.

29th December 2010, 04:17 PM
My OH does the garden poo (the small joys of life!) and with the recent snow it wasn't done for a week because we couldn't find it (bleugh!) so he spent a good 45 minutes in the garden yesterday just picking up poo (we have a lot fo dogs). When the concrete goes green (landspcapers eat your heart out!) we use a mild diluted soap and disinfectant mix, scrub the bejesus out of it and rinse rinse rinse! Then leave it to dry before the dogs can go onto it (unless the weather doesn't allow - like at the moment - so we just leave it for a few hours). Stops all the discoloured water coming into the house on their paws and keeps the concrete from smelling like a toilet. Usually, coming into the Summer, we use a more harsh chemical (Jayes Fluid) once off to really clean the path. Rinsing is even more important when we do this so we usually scrub and rinse, then rinse some more and again for good luck. We also try to prevent as much getting into the grass as possible and even throw some water over it just to make sure.

For anything that does get onto paws, baby wipes are brilliant. Can't have enough of them in the house! Mud especially annoying in the winter and they really work a treat.

29th December 2010, 04:28 PM
I use flush Doggie which is a biodegradable bag that you can flush in your toilet. I have never had a single problem with the bags and my garage and garbage cans dont smell like butt!

Check them out they are great! I live in a town house and have to pick up the poo everytime he makes one and these also help the environment and dont fill the land fills.

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