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29th December 2010, 06:15 PM
This might seem like a silly question - but how do I know whether I'm feeding Fraser enough (or too much) kibble?!

I know the manufacturers recommendations are usually too high - but I'm petrified that if I don't feed enough I'm going to harm this important growth phase and equally that I'll feed too much and make problems for later! I'm feeding Burns mini bites which I'm happy with, but may introduce JWB at a later stage ...

Fraser was 14 weeks old at the beginning of this week and I'm currently still feeding 4 meals a day which he's doing very well on (will probably switch to 3 meals at 16 weeks). The bag recommends 50-100g per day - so I've gone for 75g per day (well 76g spread over 4 meals!). The only treats he gets in addition are a few pieces of raw carrot (which he loves :-) ) I can't judge quantity on hunger - he'd eat all day if we let him!

So, any views or recommendations would be much appreciated, I fear I'm become a paranoid owner - I never thought I would be like this - growing up with cavaliers is different to being responsible for your own! Thanks :-)

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29th December 2010, 06:19 PM
I am interested in hearing the replies on this also....

I am looking to switch puppy foods, however, the brand I want to switch too, recommends TWO cups daily and the food I am feeding him now says ONE cup a day! I am completely confused....