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theresa d
29th December 2010, 07:26 PM
looking for some advice...again! Bella 1.5yrs ish,we only have her a few weeks but she acts like she's been here 4ever,she's such a sweetie! thing is she freaks when my mother in law visits,it's like fear comes over her and she yelps like mad and usually backs away. my mother in law tries to make friends and when she pets her it's like all is forgiven and she goes asleep on her lap! Each time she comes in despite "befriending" her the previous day the ritual starts all over again. Yesterday she did the very same thing with our friends little boy. Bella obviously has had some sort of a bad experience at some stage as it looks like pure fear that comes over her. We all reassure her but now i hope I'm not rewarding the behaviour, I would like to think that we can stop her doing this,I know she would never bite but for anyone looking on it looks like she's gone a bit crazy???

29th December 2010, 07:40 PM
Treats, Treats and more treats!!!! :jmp2:

I would have your mother-in-law ignore her and when Bella gets brave enough to walk close to your MIL or come up to her, I would reward her with treats and praise!

29th December 2010, 11:08 PM
i think doggies are like little children and its best to let them come to you. maybe if mum in law waits for her to come always she will gain confidence and then-no probs.