View Full Version : Climbing ??

30th December 2010, 04:29 AM
Sort of an odd question... The male rescue Cavalier has a behavior that I would like to modify or sort out....

I am happy to say that both cavaliers have come out of there shell and LOVE attention. :l*v:

But the male is rather pushy... He is not happy just sitting still and being petted.. he is constantly trying to climb higher and higher and higher.. he seems to want to climb on my shoulders.

I have been trying to work on the "off" command but have made little progress. I have tried to show him he will gets lots of love if he will just sit on my lap or next to me. But he endlessly moves to try to get higher and higher on my body.

The boy is even worse when the female is getting attention. He tries to force himself between her and me or on top of her. This leads me to believe it is a dominance gesture and not due to being starved of affection...

They both are climbers in general.. climbing everything in site.
The girl is quiet happy to lay across my lap or beside me and go to sleep being petted.

Suggestions anyone?