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30th December 2010, 04:12 PM
There is an announcement that has just been made so I really want CT to participate and help because this is a great opportunity to spread the word to pet owners.

We have the post about whether the Cavalier Breed can be saved and I said it is up to us pet lovers to unite and now is our chance! http://www.twolittlecavaliers.blogspot.com/ Is having an awareness week.

Why is this important? Well she has a lot of exposure and is active in the blogging community. Take Pedigree that donated food for any blogger who would post about their adoption drive. We say that money motivates people, well it is proven that Facebook, Twitter, Blogs now have a prime opportunity for exposure. Another blogger who is not a Cavalier owner but is for dog health wants to get Be the Change involved. It doesn't matter what country, what club, what's going on in politics, we are the ones that can change.

Anyone can have a voice, it will not be one sided since anyone can talk about it, post, etc. She wants breeders, pet owners, researchers anyone. the motive is to bring everyone together and to show support. Just look at this from her blog:

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So hear is the opportunity to speak out. I emailed Tania and Nicki because I think CT should have a Ruperts Fund drive or something this week also. The more people that are going to be exposed the better and hopefully we can "Be the Change" and the Cavalier Breed is worth saving!:cool:

22nd January 2011, 10:40 PM
I am not sure what all is going to be posted for this event since it is done by www.twolittlecavaliers.com. I do know that she has received tons of information from penny knowler and karlin about what is needed along with several other question :)

I also got to ask dr. Marino (from the usa) a list of questions I had to come up with in one hour! For those who do not know who he is, he lives in the usa and has done a lot of research on cm/sm. He along with dr. Dewey have pioneered FMD and the use of titanium mesh. There are some on this forum that have gone to LIVS but he is obviously more on the surgery side than others, so I'm not surprised to see more responses to surgery.

I will let people read more at the event but he said some things that shocked me. Like the % of dogs that were thought to be asymptomtic upon further examination actually were symptomatic.

His work is something personal to me because ella had surgery (fmd) and I choose not to have the titanium mesh. Her neurologist said at the time he was not sure if it would be beneficial or not and did not know the results from this. Now ella has scar tissue which the chance would be less had I done other. So i can't wait to see how she this unfolds

Cathy Moon
22nd January 2011, 11:29 PM
I'm looking forward to reading the blog posts for SM Awareness Week, and I'm grateful for the person who is doing this. :) I hope readers will be made aware of the current research being conducted and how to support the research. This is just as important as knowing how to get our dogs diagnosed, treated, and kept comfortable.

This morning I was quoting some of the recent SM and CM estimates to the vet who was vaccinating Geordie and India. She didn't realize how extensively the CKCS breed has been affected by CM/SM. She also didn't realize that these are often painful conditions; she thought most of the symptoms would be neurological deficits. She asked about Geordie's early symptoms and his medicines, etc. I explained how Geordie has neuropathic pain and sensations on his left side, so she gave him his injection in his right flank. It felt good to raise the SM awareness of one more vet today.

SM Awareness week will reach many, many people! This will help both the CKCS breed and individual dogs who may be suffering - hopefully they will be diagnosed and treated.

23rd January 2011, 12:17 AM
I think it will be good and research plays a key role. I think karlin gave her something to post for people to give vets. I just hung up the phone from rescue coordinator that got a cavalier having seizures, shaking head, and scratching at ears.

I think it will be positive however the one post I have been trying to write b/c it means so much to me is a review of the book For the Love of Ollie. It is what brought awareness to me and each time I read it, something else makes me feel like yes that is exactly how I felt.

She will be talking also about other breeds and have posts from people with SM. There will be giveaways and I think it will be good. Anything to bring awareness is.

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23rd January 2011, 07:27 AM
It is now out and the first post is...

Syringomyelia made simple: written by someone name dr. Clare rusbridge. Who is she? I thought I would be first....about the book :)

Looking forward to what's next.

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24th January 2011, 04:43 PM
Daisys story;

Is that your story sins? It mentioned cavaliertalk so I thought it might be you

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24th January 2011, 05:25 PM
yes, well spotted...that's us!

24th January 2011, 06:41 PM
I wondered if it was you! Good story. I was shocked at they said 1% back then. I think that even recently that was claimed. Very good about doing research and everything you said was dead on. I hope that Daisy is managing well.