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30th December 2010, 06:43 PM
Hi all
just wondered if anyone can recommend a company for pet insurance for my little cav, or help in letting me know what type of policy that I should have, as I did a little search a few weeks back just to see and the amount insured confused me a little bit, is there an amount I should be looking for minimum? Or any advice to help me get started would be great.
Did a quote for petplan and it was about 10 a month for the lowest insurance out of 3 types.
Anyone had a policy and actually had to claim, if so how was the company, was it easy and hassle free?

Brian M
30th December 2010, 08:46 PM

Really down to two Petplan and Axa ,both cover for life with a renewable cover amount each year .Axa are a lot cheaper we have been paying about 120.00 each per year with a yearly cover of 7,000.00 each .Claimed for Rosie this Nov 2500.00 for full MRI scan and follow up appointments which they paid with no query within four weeks ,they do have an excess which I think is 75.00 per individual illness so most general problems are covered by your own pocket and I am expecting a big increase for Rosie next Sept .Last comment read all the print and ensure you have life cover for any ongoing problems as all insurance companies do check with your vets for any existing problems you may have before the insurance commenced .