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Brian M
30th December 2010, 09:33 PM

I know I have posted about this in the past ,twice before I think ,but this last month it has been blxxxx hard she seems to take even longer when I take them all outside to go to the loo she still traipses up and down and round and round and then repeats it six more times but when its been -10 C its freezing cold just standing there watching Daisy go round and round especially so when the other three have done their wee and long since gone and disappeared back into the warmth of the house while I still stand there like a complete plonker and freezing cold ,hurry up Daisy do it and lets get in .

And lately when we take them all out for a walk we take them out of the car one by one and Poppy and Daisy are sometimes carried to a safe area then put down ,Luke and I then start walking with Poppy ,Rosie and Lily going with us so 50 mtrs further on we stop and look back for Daisy and shes still standing were we put her just haughtily watching us as so shes thinking "I am not ready yet you can wait for me and I will come when I am ready" I can see that in her mind we call her Daisyyyyyyyyyyyyy she stands and looks Daisyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy come her "Nope she says " then I say Luke pls go back and get her ,what a horror she is then of course when Luke gets to within 10 mtrs of her shes off trotting back to us at Daisy's pace .She does this twice more before she finally decides she has put me in my place as she is so superior to me and then we can continue as a group on the rest of our little walk and she tests me no more.

I know a lot of our Cavaliers know they are the superior species to us mere mortal humans but I wish they didn't have to prove it so often ,Oh and the other thing she does is exactly like Margaret's dear William she is always the last to finish her meal and then when she comes out of her crate she keeps something in her mouth and goes straight over to Poppy who always falls for it and she winds Poppy up "Look see what I have got and you have got nothing " and poor Poppy then goes loopy.
The everlasting fun of having four young lady Cavaliers for company or more like four two year old toddlers causing total mayhem ,not a lot of difference ,but I love it and each and every one of them .:)

30th December 2010, 09:38 PM
Oh Brian, I am LOL. You really do have your cross to bear with your girls. :lol:
How is it that Cavaliers are like this, and yet they are such cuddly luvs so that we forgive them and love them to bits anyway?!?

31st December 2010, 11:53 AM
Oh Brian you make me laugh.
Our Ebony is exactly the same. When Rosie & Harley done their business in the garden and are already back in Ebony just starts and she goes round and round and round from one corner to another. When we are on a walk she just doodles, and when you give them all a treat she keeps her until the others are finished and she just sits with it guarding it and teasing the others.
But we love them all with there different quirky personalities.

31st December 2010, 01:46 PM
Daisy always puts a smile on my face:lol: She is a true charachter

31st December 2010, 02:33 PM
It's obvious that "Princess" Daisy is in charge of the household.
She's my kind of gal......Keep it up Daisy:lol: