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31st December 2010, 10:20 PM
My neighbour's little dog, Snowey, died today. My neigbour and her little girl (my child's best friend) are devastated. They are one of the few families in the neighbourhood who treated their pet like one of the family.
The family had been away on a long awaited holiday to Disneyland Florida and just came back and got Snowey from a boarding kennel a couple days ago. She had gained some weight (or maybe bloated?). So they increased their walks since coming home. Her nose started bleeding while out walking this morning. They rushed her to the vet, she was limp and lifeless, the vet put her to sleep because her heart had burst a vessel. That was it. She was only 2 1/2 years old, same age as our Belle. Their little girl was so close to Snowey, and now she's got to deal with the loss of a much loved pet at 7 years of age. It makes me worry about our little ones.
Rest in Peace Snowey, we're gonna miss you.*ng*l

31st December 2010, 10:28 PM
Oh no how awful :( poor family, how distressing for them :(:(:(

Please tell them they are in our thoughts - and that Snowey will no longer be in pain but I'm sure right now they must be so shocked and upset.

Sadly this is something we all have to face and although it's very hard at the time, it does teach children how to cope with the losses they will face in future life...

Hug your two close :flwr::flwr: