View Full Version : Neurologist apt ? And what he said about scanning for breedees

6th January 2011, 04:02 PM
Karlin you mentioned on another thread that tramadol was not used for long term. She has continued on it and it concerns me that he never heard that. a

I think he is a great with helping Ella and also gave a talk about CM/SM for our group in Charlotte but obviously I have questions.

In his presentation he talked about grades and importance of SM breeding protocol. He used Dr. Rusbridge as main source.

I told him I'm trying to spread awareness and do you give grades and certificates. He answered no. The breeders never ask. I told him that for pet owners it would be difficult for anyone to interprete. I compared it to MVD and how people should make sure ....

So where does this information go? I know he charges $1000 for reduced rate for breeders which is a lot.

He said he could start to grade them. Do we have certificates in the us? I mean anyone can scan their Cavalier but we always say to ask breeders for the documents. If someone handed me ellas MRI I still have questions.

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