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9th January 2011, 01:36 PM
I hope it's okay for me to post a link here for a Special Needs girl up for adoption in Ohio?

This is the Rescue where I first started looking for a CKCS. They are a great group. And I was approved for one of their dogs a year ago.

If I didn't have my Nash who is diabetic, cataracts and recently developed glaucoma, (and not having history on Claire, so an uncertain future) I would consider her.

She is a pretty little girl, and still young at 2 years.

Here is the link:


Cindy and my little Claire

9th January 2011, 02:15 PM
She sounds lovely! Beuatiful little young tri. Blind dogs actually do REALLY well -- most people will not even realise a blind dog is blind in a home as they quickly learn to navigate. Any blind or part-sighted dog would do best with at least one other dog in the home.

About DeeDee
Status: Available for Adoption (starting 01/22/2011) (adoption info)
Species: Dog
General Color: White with Black
Current Size: 17 Pounds
Current Age: 2 Years 2 Months (best estimate)
DeeDee is our latest Suri's Shining Star. She is a special needs girl who suffered from rapid onset of glaucoma, caused by inbreeding and genetic abnormalities. We were told she was blind. That she is but we found out that the eye pressure on both her eyes were four times normal and the chance of them bursting was likely. During the time glaucoma set in and the pressure increased, poor DeeDee had to suffer an extraordinary about of pain from the pressure. We figure it was at least a year of pain. DeeDee has now had both eyes removed and she's a new dog. She's quickly learning several verbal commands and adjusting to navigating around her space quite well. All the while with her tail awagging!

DeeDee will be spayed, heartworm check, rabies and receive her distempter/parvo and bordetella vaccines on 1/14. Depending on how well she recovers from her spay, she'll be ready for adoption thereafter.

If you have room in your home and heart for this very endearing young lady, please register on our site, www.ohiopuppyrescue.com. Once the email confirmation with password is received, you can then log on and apply.

11th January 2011, 03:31 AM
Karlin, you are correct, blind dogs cope much better than their human counterparts. My Nash has been blind for nearly 3 years and does marvelous. Most people don't even realize he is blind when they visit our home as he gets around quite well,rarely runs into anything, and even manages to putter in the garden areas surrounding our house in better weather.

He only 'tolerates' poor little Claire though. He thought he was always going to be an 'only child'. :wink: