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16th January 2011, 02:19 PM
Oh my god this morning I panicked loads when Ruby went out for the toilet and she got a stone then tried to chew it, I didnt want her to swallow it so I tried to get it out she wouldnt let me, then I grabbed some treats to try and make her drop it, hoping she wouldnt swallow it, thank god she did as it was a good size stone....was I right to panic? It is dangerous if they swallowed it right

16th January 2011, 05:10 PM
Yes you don't really want them swallowing stones - bigger ones tend to get stuck in the stomach and can lead to obstructions, small sharp ones damage the intestinal lining going through.

Puppies do learn by putting everything in their mouths, like babies!! and need constant supervision - teaching a "swap" command is the best way to ensure they will always give something up to you. [Brought home to me this week when I dropped a packet of medication and Tommy ran off with it :yikes but instantly dropped it when asked to swop for a yummy treat. Anything cardboard in this house is of course personal property of the dogs icon_whistlingand he doesn't realise it contains something nasty :(]

Worth watching this


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