View Full Version : Poor Jasper has colitis

18th January 2011, 04:00 PM
Jasper was`nt feeling his usual self on Sunday and still no better yesterday so off to the vets yesterday, he has colitis, luckily unlike some dogs he has never had it before so guess he has got off light, my friend who has had severals cavaliers over the years has had a lot of problems with colitis, especially her last dog who she lost a couple of years ago.
He is feeling a lot better today, the thing was we only went to vets on Friday for his 3 month heart review and medication (sadly the vet says he is now a grade 6) but he is still doing well on his meds so we will just have to hope for the best, I did mention that he had lost a bit of weight, the vet said some dogs do with a heart problem and to up his food and give him more carbs, I had already increased his food intake, he is 8 kg which does`nt sound too bad but he is quite high in the legs, the vet yesterday took some blood and we have to wait for the results.

18th January 2011, 05:19 PM
Oh dear, poor Jasper. Do hope he will soon be feeling a lot better.

My little Tri is also losing a bit of weight now that she's had to start heart medication, but she's got really fine flyaway hair, which always makes her look bigger than she is, especially around the "bustle". I was a bit dismayed when someone called her "porky" the other day when I took her to meet a group of elderly ladies in a day centre! :(

18th January 2011, 06:40 PM
Thank you Marie - Anne, I think the problem with Jasper is that he has never been that long haired, which I feel makes it more noticable, in fact this winter his coat has not really got that thick, don`t know if this is a side effect of his heart meds, he has been on them for two years noiw. Even the vet said he was a bit on the skinny side, where as you are normally told to keep them thin.

24th January 2011, 03:57 PM
I know quite a few on here have problems with their dogs getting colitis, and am wondering if I should get something in the store cupboard just in case it flares up again, Jasper was given an anti sickness injection, Metronidazole tablets and Pro-Kolin, when at the vets, I believe you can buy Pro-Kolin, is there anything I could buy in that would be good to use for the occasional stomach upset or if the colitis flares up again. Jasper is a lot better now and just finished the last of this tablets, although he did have a bad night last night with bringing up a little bile and a very rumbling tummy in the night so I feel he is not quite right yet. His blood test was normal so that was good.