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24th January 2011, 06:17 PM
Hi, I'm new here.

I'll be getting my Cavalier puppy around the 23rd of Febuary and I am very excited!

Little bit about me:

I'm obsessed with animals for a start, mostly these;

Wild Animals (Cats)

Oh and not forgetting Cows :)

My puppy is only 3 and a half weeks old at the moment but I've received many emails with pictures of her, she's Blenheim and I'm naming her Daisy. I'm familiar with the breed although I've not owned one myself my aunts have had them since I was a baby and I've been brought up around them, and many other breeds - I adore the breed and have always wanted my own - my dream has finally came true when my Mum said yes!

Looking forward to getting to know everyone, will post pictures soon :)