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Jasper and Holly
27th January 2011, 12:17 AM
This is Tinkerbell after a trying to get a snake that went in our pool. I cannot believe she went in the pool after it.:yikes


27th January 2011, 10:00 AM
Oh my goodness poor wee drowned rat!!!

She looks beautiful though - I bet she is lovely when she is dry!!

Chasing snakes - :yikes I can't imagine that that is a very healthy hobby :(

Jasper and Holly
27th January 2011, 07:40 PM
Yes she is beautiful. There is a photo in this section under New staff at work by Brian m. I posted two photos of my two cats.

28th January 2011, 09:01 PM
:rotfl::rotfl::rotfl:Ive just watched the video on youtube of Jasper and Holly and the feather.

My daughter came to see what I was laughing at. Tinkerbell is SO brave!!

Jasper and Holly
29th January 2011, 03:07 AM
I think it's so funny how they don't like feathers. If they see one while we are out walking they both jump a mile.