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Harvey Arches
31st January 2011, 06:14 PM

(I'm new to this so hope I am doing this right :confused:)

Firstly, our puppy Harvey is 8 wks old and we brought him home of Saturday. He is starting to settle in really well and is such a lil cutie.. he's black and tan.

We are using the crate training. He was whinging last night etc but was very good over all, I brought him out to the toilet every two hrs approx and he went so we were delighted - tough going :smile:

He is sleeping on my lap during the day - I have placed him in the crate but he comes straight out?

He jumped at me with a biting look and bark and fell off the sofa - he had been chewing I told him 'no'. I picked him straight up but I was shocked?
He has barked at me again this morning - he may have been looking for attention but again I am concerned as it could be something I am doing wrong.

Looking for people's thoughts on and also any tips? Thanks in advance :smile:

Kate H
31st January 2011, 07:59 PM
Hi Harvey's Mum? Dad?

Welcome to Cavalier Talk, you'll find lots of friendly help here for bringing up your lovely new puppy and we look forward to hearing all about him and we LOVE photos!

All puppies chew, so they need something they are allowed to chew. Then, if Harvey chews the wrong thing, you can say no gently but firmly, give him his toy or rawhide chew or whatever is his, and as soon as he starts on it, praise him. He will quickly learn that some things he is allowed to chew and other things are off limits.

I'm sure Karlin, our Top Dog, will refer you to her favourite book on bringing up puppies, which you can download and is excellent. And don't be afraid to ask questions - we've all been there!

Kate, Oliver (9.5-year-old ruby) and Aled (3.5-year-old Blenheim)

Jasper and Holly
31st January 2011, 08:06 PM
Welcome Harvey,
Love to see some photos. You will have lots of fun and love from your new puppy. They are the best dogs. You will find this site very helpful.

Harvey Arches
31st January 2011, 09:13 PM
Oh thanks for the replies guys, I'm Harvey's mum :p
The site is excellent, I was on this the whole time before we had made our decision.

I will definitely try this with the nipping, I think he understands the word 'no' already :rah:

Will post some pic's as soon as I figure out how too.

31st January 2011, 09:29 PM
He just wants to play. We have two B&T's and they bark at each other to say play with me play with me! Say no when he chews something he shouldn't and give him one of his toys to chew and praise him when he chews it. He will chew at everything including your fingers!! Those rope toys are good for playing.

31st January 2011, 10:42 PM
I think that B&T's come with a extra dose of attitude:-p. My Rylie is so different from Mindy my tri and Max my ruby. He "yells" at me to throw the ball for him if I'm not fast enough even though it usually means the ball gets put away. He is far more vocal in play than Max. It sounds like Harvey is just being a pup - enjoy.

1st February 2011, 06:19 PM
I have given you a link on your housetraining thread to some good advice and strongly recommend downloading Ian Dunbar's free puppy book as it will set you on the right path with care and training. Please be very careful not to let a puppy fall off a sofa -- from that height he could be seriously harmed. :thmbsup:

Lots of puppies bark and growl in play and this is normal and fine. Also puppy nipping is going to be the norm for the next couple of months so do follow Ian Dunbar's advice for managing this. :) You alsoneed to give him an alternative rather than just tell him no for chewing -- puppies MUST chew and therefore you need to just redirect him to appropriate chew toys. There are many safe toys such as puppy Kongs on the market and he will need several different chew options. But it is your responsibility never to leave anything around that you do NOT want chewed -- for the next year he is going to need to chew and therefore it is important to remove what you do not want chewed, just as you would toddler-proof a house rather than expect a small child not to knock things to the floor or try to open cupboards! Some things are better well managed rather than to expect a puppy or dog to know what and what not to do -- which requires weeks of training over many months and constant positive reinforcement. :)

Cathy Moon
2nd February 2011, 12:26 AM
I would only let him be on the floor, as he could be seriously injured from a fall off a sofa, chair or bed. When ours were puppies, we sat on the floor and let them climb all over us.