View Full Version : Coventry Fun Day 2011

Kate H
3rd February 2011, 07:30 PM
I haven't got time or energy to organise a Dog Show this year, but would like to do something to raise funds for health research - I thought for Rupert's Fund this year, as we have already supported the EBV project and the Foetal Tissue research. I'm thinking of organising a sponsored walk in a local park, perhaps in April or May. The round of the park is about .75 of a mile, so people could do one round or two; it has good tarmac paths and, apart from a short stretch by the entrance and car park where leads will be needed, it is secure for dogs to run around off-lead. There is a community centre next door to the park which I think we could use for a picnic lunch beforehand and tea and cake after the walk, with a raffle and any stalls that people wanted to have. I think if we kept it a private event (I've got a good list of Cavalier people who came to the previous Fun Days, and we can spread the word to friends) we wouldn't need to get tangled up in council bureaucracy to stage an event in the park (though I do know the park wardens quite well).

What do people think of this idea?

Kate, Oliver and Aled