View Full Version : Yelping When Scratching His Head

5th February 2011, 07:47 PM
I'm starting to think i worry way too much about Benji, but this one really has started to make me worry a little. It's happen about twice within the last month or so. He'll be scracthing around his head and will yelp, not very loudly but loud enough that i notice it. Has he just scratched too much and made it tender or could it be something else?!

5th February 2011, 08:48 PM
Hopefully he just scratched too hard and accidentally hurt himself. Maybe his nails need a trim?

I would have his ears checked by a vet for mites or infection. You can't always see the infection or mites from the outside.

If it gets worse and the vet can't find anything wrong with his ears I would watch closely for other possible CM/SM symptoms. It's uncommon in puppies but not impossible. My pup came to me at 12 weeks showing CM/SM symptoms. His earliest symptoms were neck scratching but before 6 months of age it progressed to scratching and pawing at his head & ears which occasionally caused yelping.