View Full Version : Help! 3 days post surgery-Blondie wet the bed!!!!!!

6th February 2011, 11:02 PM
I have no idea what happened. Blondie is 4 years old and has never had an accident like that. She came home from her spay/mri and myringotomy on friday,
and has been using the wee wee pad, since she doesn't feel like going outside. (she stops at the front hallway and wants to go back) She is used to the wee wee pad, meaning, if u don't take her out, she'll use it.
She's been back from the hospital since friday and is on antibiotics and tramadol.
I think it's fair to say she is not at all her usual self yet. Though the stitches heal great, she's very lethargic, generally a bit down etc..
I thought this was all normal. but I walked to the bedroom and saw she straight up peed on my bed (not a little bit, just a lot) , while i was in the other room.
She has doggiestairs she has been using for the past 2 days (she's very careful going up and down) so it's not that...
Any ideas?

7th February 2011, 01:35 AM
hmmm not sure what that means, maybe she is all thrown off and was re-establishing her dominance on your bed. I know 5 months ago, Jack just straight up peed on my bed (having never done it before either) and it was after staying at a friends house for a few days. I freaked thinking it was related to the CM but has not happened since, a friend told me it was a dominance thing (Jack was neutered at 6 months):huh:. I haven't had a female dog since I was a kid so maybe someone else on here has more insite as to it happening after a spaying. Obviously, if it keeps happening take her in for a check up. Poor Blondie I hope she gets back to her old self real soon!

Cathy Moon
7th February 2011, 01:51 AM
I don't know what Blondie's going-home instructions were, but India was not allowed to go on stairs or furniture for at least 2 weeks. She was very tired and didn't feel well after her spay, even with pain meds.

I remember carrying her outside for her potty breaks. I don't think she felt well enough at first to walk any distance. I kept her in the kitchen with baby gates at first.

How far away is her wee wee pad? Perhaps it might help to confine her to a single room with both her bed and her wee pad nearby for the first few days?

7th February 2011, 02:28 AM
Hey Cathy,
I specifically asked the doc about the puppy stairs and he said it was o.k. (there's only 3 stairs, and they are not steep at all)
We live in a small appartment in NYC so there is not much to confine her too, honestly. The wee wee pad is only a few feet from the couch (which is deconstructed so it's floor level, we put all the pillow on the floor :p ,
and only 3 feet away from the bed. Kitchen and living room are one area as well. Gotta love NYC!!!! :p
She has been walking around a bit, seems to know pretty well what she can and cant manage.. and I try listening to her signs as much as I can.. (for instance, i took her outside for a pee walk, but she didnt want to go out) Hence why I settled for the wee wee pad.
I guess, I didnt realize how out of wack this makes them. Spaying always seems described like "no big deal", "routine procedure" etc.. but honestly, I dont think thats a hundred percent fair; my poor girl is really not feeling well from it, and seems very confused.... Ofcourse it makes me feel guilty for putting her through it. :( Its comforting to hear that your girl also had a rough time. How long did it take till she was back to self?

7th February 2011, 02:48 AM
It is a BIG deal. When we had Lexie spayed the vet gave us the option of keeping her there for a few days after and we jumped on it. We let her stay at the vet for 4 days after her surgery with an IV and such and I think it was a much better experience for her than it would have been. Our vet said he wished everyone would leave their dogs a few days after because it is a major surgery...not to mention it messes with hormones and everything else. When my mom had her dog Bella spayed a few years ago we brought her home the day of and she was absolutely miserable! You could just tell she was hurting :(

I hope your baby feels better soon!!!

7th February 2011, 02:59 AM
@ lexieandsprinkles;
Your vet was right to call it a major surgery... I dont like how i was given the impression it wasnt a big deal at all. However, I'm still convinced shes better of at home then it the hospital. When I picked her up she was VERY messed up.
When she got home I saw the relief on her little face. She literally poofed down and gave me this big sigh, followed by raising her brows in a way only cavaliers can. :l*v:

7th February 2011, 07:02 AM
It may be the tramadol is making her out of sorts, I know when I took it once I was very tired and light headed on it. That may have meant she didn't realise in time that she needed to wee, hence the accident on the bed.
Hopefully as she recovers from the surgery she'll get back to her normal self. If it happens again though I'd get her checked out at the vet.

Take care

7th February 2011, 10:25 AM
If you think of it in human terms,she's just had a radical hysterectomy which is a major surgery.It may well be that the medication is making her a bit spaced out.
Usually after 4 days she'll make a big improvement...but until her sutures are taken out,she'll feel a bit tight around the incision and may not feel like moving very much.
It's so sad that because of careless pet owners who allow their intact dogs to roam freely that responsible owners feel that they must choose a spay/neuter,but it's the safest option overall and in Blondie's case,will rule out not only unwanted pregnancy,but will eliminate the risk of pyometra.It's best to recover from a controlled planned surgery,than an emergency spay where her life is at risk.I know it's stressful to have to see her going through this,but it's only a few days out of her entire life and she'll be ok!

7th February 2011, 07:57 PM
Is there a possibility she peed without knowing she had an accident? Sometimes spaying can make it a little harder for females to hold in their urine. Did she get anything on herself? Did you see her do it, like did she just get up and squat right on your bed, move away from it and lay back down?!?

I would say since it is so out of the ordinary it may have been a tiny little episode of incontinence...maybe not feeling that she had to go until the last minute and literally had no choice but to release herself on the bed.

Wait it out, if she continues peeing in strange places then its probably related to her surgery and meds. I doubt this is a dominance thing since she is all drugged up right now and lethargic haha.

7th February 2011, 10:16 PM
Hey, thanks you all for your advise! Since most of you agree on it being an isolated incident, most likely related to meds and groginess I'll just wait it out.
However, sins, I have to say you raise an important fact there when you talk about owners being "expected" to spay. I actually was not pro getting her spayed, in that sense, that I questioned how necessary it really was, hence why i didn't do it as a puppy. I needed time to think about it.
However, every vet I ever saw almost made me feel like a bad mom, because she wasn't spayed, so I was pretty much peer pressured into it.
Pyometra was the only thing that made me finally decide to do it, especially because of the SM, I don't want her to go through surgery later, when she may have a tougher time with it. Also risk of ovarian cancer, etc...
But it was not at all to prevent pregnancy. She has a 0 chance getting preggers here in the environment she is in. (NYC). Other then sniffing another dog on my street while on a walk around the block under my supervision she never gets to see or hang out with other dogs. I tried the dog park once but she doesnt care for other dogs, I think because of her SM. Other cavaliers she's OK with though, weirdly enough. Also cats, she loves cats. (they dont always love her though poor thing)

Kate H
7th February 2011, 11:49 PM
Blondie's mum wrote: I tried the dog park once but she doesnt care for other dogs, I think because of her SM. Other cavaliers she's OK with though, weirdly enough.

I find the same with my two (though Aled tends to follow Oliver's lead anyway). Oliver will go up to dogs in the park, say hello, have a sniff - and then walk away. I've never seen him really play with another dog. But in my experience Cavaliers recognise each other, and even if they're scared of other dogs, will be friendly with other Cavaliers. I suppose other breeds are like this with their own, but it does seem to be a noticeable characteristic of Cavaliers.

Kate, Oliver and Aled