View Full Version : excessive panting

8th February 2011, 07:47 PM
This may seem like a strange question but my two cavs who are both 2 years old pant excessively. We have two other dogs who can be lying peacefully in the same room meanwhile my two cavs are lying panting like crazy. This happens when its not hot in the room, they don't seem to need a drink and when they are not being active ie.just lying still!!! In other words there doesn't seem to be any logical reason for this constant panting!!! Is this a breed specific thing? Can anyone make any comment re this?

8th February 2011, 08:04 PM
The breed have skulls flattened in the nasal area which restricts their breathing (and actually shifts the whole position of their brains and rotates their olfactory bulb to the bottom of their skull -- all of which has various mild to potentially serious consequences for the breed (as which other flatter-faced breeds). In some cases it can seriously compromise an individual dog's breathing (see www.cavalierhealth.org for more information on brachycephalic dogs). In older dogs, panting at rest often indicates heart disease. If you are concerned, it is probably worth talking to your vet just to make sure there are no actual issues for the dogs.