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12th February 2011, 04:42 AM
Someone asked if I got in touch with ellas neurologist b/c she is not on the right medication and is in pain. He heard back from texas a&m and told him that they will only give lyrica compound to their patients. That would save cost but he has told me she is on the highest dose. 50 mg two times a day. She is on 2.5 mg prednisone, tramadol, and 20 mg of prilosec.

He was out this week but kept in touch on facebook (funny to read your neurologist saying lol :)) not funny what I've been seeing these past couple weeks especially last week. I knew her mobility was an issue but I had trouble with all those stairs. She still has bursts of energy and walks fine on our walks at the new place. Of course, when she plays with other cavaliers she will not run but for a bit but she still has that drive and want to.

Now to what I've been having a hard time with. I created a post b/c I thought ellas left side of her face (especially mouth) looked different. I can't explain it like I couldn't explain when I went to my vet years ago saying she looked funny climbing the stairs. I have seen it a couple more times and will take pictures but that is not the bad part.

I am seeing ella develop more symptoms and its increasing. She used to never scratch, then when she got excited, now it is more frequent. She is chewing on her paws, licking lips, trying to get comfortable in the bed, and it is hard seeing things get worse.

We were doing so good on the lyrica and acupuncture and I know she will have some symptoms but seeing it worsen scares me.

I knew this day would come when I got the results from second mri showing not only scar tissue but syrinx had increased in size a great bit.

So besides prilosec to reduce fluid, there really isn't anything to stop progression is there? The other drugs seem to help with pain and symptoms but I am struggling with the fact that I don't know what options. Acupuncture helps her. Then there is a second surgery option that I'm not ready for but will go over again.

I am not giving up and I know since ella is so happy, greets other dogs (she is a social butterfly) and has that life in her the only thing I can do is help reduce pain. Some may say she is in pain, but if you saw her she doesn't seem to be except to me. I know her subtle changes. Each scratch, each lick I hurt. I wish I could take her pain for her.

I know we can't talk about other forums but someone posted an mri image and got good feedback. I don't have her second image but when he gets it could someone help?

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12th February 2011, 07:10 AM
Someone mentioned moving can add stress and be a reason for increased symptoms

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12th February 2011, 08:17 PM
Hey anne. So sorry to hear about your worries.. I know exactly what you mean with "each lick , each scratch hurts"...
As for the getting comfortable at night;
This may sound silly, but do u sleep in very cool temperature?
Im in NY and sleep with the window 3 inches open (yes in the winter!~!!!!!
It seems to help Blondie a lot. When it gets hot in the room she gets uncomfortable.
I can't help with the med sstuff. however , have u tried other fluid reducers than prilosec? May be worth trying..