View Full Version : Flip side.. Were we actually the lucky ones?

Super Princess
17th February 2011, 07:18 AM
I was in midst of a google search but it's 11:0 I thought I'd post here asking and then go to bed

I was lucky cause I had my boy. He was lucky cause he had a whole network of family and friends who adored him.

But were we lucky on another scale.
I get all medical conditions are different

Oliver was born with a heart murmer. And obviously lived a fairly health life until November. Sure he had a few issues ( dry eye, deaf, more recently was slowly going blid and skin allergies. None of those dampened his spirit) but he lived a normal active happy life for 9 years. Is that normal for someone born with the murmur?

I read 50% develop it by age 5.

I would think if developed earlier in life he'd how signs of distress earlier. But I guess every dogs issues are individual.

I mighta mentioned somewhere I ponder and ponder till I get answes. I may have a few questions over the next little bit.
(ot: I was trying to piece together missing pieces of my dads heritage puzzle not even deep. But dads grandad. I wound up in Cobh Ireland trying to find clues. Left flowers on a mass grave of a boat he was said to be on..) only to come home to Canada and find that one piece of the puzzle thy led me to a whole different ship hahaha :D)