View Full Version : Bonnie was given her wings this morning

24th February 2011, 11:38 AM
I know what you are going through Lucille but take comfort in the fact that Bonnie experienced love and being part of a family when you took her home. I'm sure Penny & Des will miss her but she is not in pain anymore.

Run free sweet Bonnie.

Zoe bowie
24th February 2011, 02:34 PM
Thanks Anne, it's just a hard and very sad day today. I know she is at peace and out of pain, and for this I am truely grateful, but I'll miss my 'lumpy' as we affectionately called her.....even when things were at their thoughest with her & Penny, I never stopped loving her and hoping that the attacks that had suddenly started would suddenly stop and they did!! We have had 2 months of peace and love, and it's been brilliant....I just hope Penny and Des will be okay, Penny I am sure will miss her snuggle buddy as they slept together every night. I'll miss her snores and her cheeky, happy smile. I cannot thank Paul Kelly, who was just as upset today having to put her to sleep, he did everything he could to help her and make her better, but sometimes with the best vets, best meds and the best will in the world, it's just time to say goodbye....she just leaves a gapping hole in our hearts and our home:cry*ing: