View Full Version : Any good indoor dog toilets?

27th February 2011, 04:45 PM
I have a 14yo that has had some issues lately (vet working with us) with peeing.

I am looking for a fake grass based toilet for a 22lb (not overweight) Cav for emergency use. Not looking to spend $300 as I'm not totally certain he'll use it. He is unlikely to use pads or a grated system.

Thoughts? Opinoins? Suggestions?

27th February 2011, 04:52 PM
get some sod squares or rolls from a local hardware store and place them inside a cardboard box top or a really low-entry litter box. for about $25 you've got a real grass pee station

27th February 2011, 05:58 PM
You might be surprised about training him to use pads. I've successfully retrained many seniors to use the pads in addition to going outside. I use the pooch pads - you can look on their site http://www.poochpad.com. These are much more heavy duty than the disposable pads and it is cheaper to wash and reuse the pads. They are also handy to use on furniture or beds if you have a dog with enuresis (leaking during deep sleep). Another great thing about this product is that they soak the urine deep into the pad and they are treated so that there is less urine smell.

I start by taking pads outside and soaking in some urine after the dog has peed outside. Then confine the dog to a smaller area - like part of the kitchen - during the time when you are away and problems have occurred. When the dog is reliably using the pad, you can put them in a convenient area that works in your home. I have a current 13 year old shih tzu in early kidney disease, and she gets subq fluids every day. Although I have a dog sitter who comes in during the day to let the dogs out when I am at work, this senior girl needs to be able to drink as much as she wants and pee as much as she wants, so these pooch pads have saved me because she will go to the pads from wherever she is in the house and she uses them faithfully. These have also been invaluable when I've had dogs on heart meds including lasix - that's why I got started with them.

Since I always seem to have a couple of seniors, the new dogs coming into my home have figured out that the pads are a place to go in an emergency - if you have diarrhea or have to vomit or whatever. And yet they still remain housetrained in that going outside is their preference so much of the time the pads stay clean and dry until one of the dogs needs to use them. This has really worked very, very well for me.


27th February 2011, 07:14 PM
i have used pads indoors since ruby was housetrained , she is now 18 months. when i went to stop using them ,i thought why? i have peace of mind that shes not desperate for a wee when im out, even though i dont leave her long anyway ,and she very very rarely uses it as we have 3 walks a day .. but its a godsend that she will go to the back door and use it if she needs to . if im in she will let me know she wants to go out and wont do it on the pad , so i know shes not going to just use it cos its there . i also intend to take her on holiday and hope it will make life easier if we take pads for emergencies . its worked out great for us :-D

27th February 2011, 10:34 PM
Unfortunately, he finds the pads to be soft and comfortable - perfect for making a bed out of. He also gets pretty stressed when he's confined and we're not home. I still could make progress by spreading many pads out as he only potties in one area when he has an emergency.

27th February 2011, 10:37 PM
Do you guys have the Bed Bath and Beyond store in Ohio? Here in WA I recently came accross a little fake grass pad that was only $40 for a small one.


28th February 2011, 12:38 AM
Thanks All for the suggestions.

I found a Pet Zoom Pet Park (https://www.petzoompetpark.com/) at Meijer for $30. I'm going to try to train him to use it outside and bring it in. He's very good at using any surface outside so we'll give it a go.

If all else fails, we will switch to a belly band with a Poise pad inside.