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28th February 2011, 02:49 PM
Just wanted to say hello and introduce us. I've been reading CavalierTalk for quite a while now and finally registered so thanks to Karlin for activating me.

I live in Dublin with my husband and our 2.5 year old blenheim Cav, Lucy as well as Lucy's best friend- a rabbit named Denise.

We got Lucy when she was 10 weeks old and she's our first Cav. I grew up with much larger breeds and thought a Cav would be a big adjustment but that's not the case- she's mentally the biggest dog you'll ever meet and has no problems walking right up to German Shepards or Labs to say hello :-D

Lucy really is the light of our lives. She's such a big part of our little family and while it has taken us a while to get used to Cav antics like 3am bed-snuggles, she has trained us very well and we're now well-versed in catering to Her Majesty :d*g:

Lucy's a very active and nosey dog and we're lucky that both sets of in-laws are very dog-friendly so she gets to spend a lot of time visiting family with us and interacting with other pets and children. She loves her walkies and, as we're lucky enough to live in the centre of Dublin city, she gets a lot of variety- city streets, cliffs & hills, parks and beaches.

Lucy also has her own Facebook Fan Page which started out as a joke amongst friends but has kept going icon_blshing http://www.facebook.com/pages/Lucy-the-Wonderdog/157800594242841

1st March 2011, 05:08 AM
Hi, welcome, the page is a kick.cl*p

1st March 2011, 03:24 PM
Your facebook page is a hoot, she has lots in common with my Lady.:cool: