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7th March 2011, 04:19 AM
I have a sweet loving Tri Cavalier named Prince Charming (we just call him Charming)
that will be turning one next week. Up until yesterday he was your typical fun loving Cavalier. Yesterday I left Charming in his crate while I went out shopping for awhile. I came home and after awhile I noticed that when he would jump up on my lap he would squeel. As the night went on is kept getting worse. I went from squeeling when jumping up on my lap to squeeling spuraticaly throughout the night for no apparent reason. He sleeps in bed with me and all through the night he would wake up from a sleep and squeel or squeel when he would try to reposition himself. He was clearly uncomfortable all night. It was the same today. The thing that scares me is that he will squeel while in a still position and be startled by it. I checked him over and couldn't find any other apparent problems. He seems most sensitive on his head, squeeling a couple of times when touched there and squeeled when my husband grabbed his collar to put his leash on. He does seem to be more leary when jumping up on things, but still is able to do it. He isn't scratching or showing any other signs of SM yet, but could this be a possible first symptom? Should I be concerned it is SM? How quickly do signs come on? I did see him once scratch his head after a couple second squeeling episode. I am very concerned is might be a start to SM and am just beside myself. I love hime so much and hate to see him in pain like this. What do you all think?
Thank in advance for your help,

7th March 2011, 02:33 PM
Hi Kerry:

He needs to see a vet *immediately* -- as in get on the phone right now -- that is the best way for you to show your love of him right now :flwr:. There are many reasons this could be happening -- far more likely than SM -- and all problems a vet can help with *now*. The bottom line is -- he is clearly in severe pain. Please call your vet, explain how bad the pain is, and see if you can get him in right away. Keep him still -- in his crate possibly -- and absolutely no walks or allowing him to jump up and I would not lift or carry him around and no grabbing collars (it is much better to walk a cavalier on a harness anyway as collars pull at their neck area and can damage their trachea and some neurologists feel can trigger syrinx development if they are at the start of possible SM). If your own vet cannot see him today I'd call around to find a vet who will or get him to the emergency vet service in your area. At the very least he needs painkillers to cope with this level of pain.

If the vet can find nothing wrong, then you will need to consider a specialist, but for now he needs you to help him and help his pain by getting to a vet right away as he is suffering. My dog WITH SM has never displayed that much pain over two days and you need to find out whether this is a disk problem, an injury, a patella problem, or a possible neurological problem. Did your breeder MRI scan their breeding stock so that you know whether the parents were clear dogs when bred??

Please let us know what the vet says. :)

7th March 2011, 07:02 PM
I never crate a dog wearing a collar, they can snag and the dog can be strangled long before anyone notices. You don't mention if you take your dog's collar off before crating him, but if you don't he may have pinched nerves and very sore muscles if he got caught and managed to escape. Harnesses are much safer.

Still see a vet about the pain, though.

Karen Rawlins
7th March 2011, 07:59 PM
My cav Churchill is 3 1/2 years old and is showing symptoms of Sm. He has not had an MRI yet but has been on prednisone every three days and is doing alot better. His first symptoms were the scratching on his right side ear, also didin't want to go on walks or run and play as usual. I am now making his own dog food as the store bought didn't agree with him. THe prednisone seemed to make this worse. He is now sleeping all night and doesn't have accidents. Definetly see your vet and try something. There is nothing worse than seeing your beloved pet be in pain. Churchill started yelping just before the vet put him on the prednisone and he also had seizures. Nothing since. Good luck..

8th March 2011, 03:08 PM
Hi and welcome to the forum:wggle:

Please,please,please take your little guy to the vet ASAP. He needs to be checked out. Dont assume it is SM but what ever it is he's in pain and needs attention.

Good luck and let us know.