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Kate H
10th March 2011, 09:25 PM
Today was the Inter-Regional obedience competition at Crufts - seven teams of seven people and dogs each from seven different regions of the UK. The Northern Irish group had a tri Cavalier in their team, working Novice - Ballaleigh Bewitched Lady (Tara) owned by Theresa Smith. Didn't do very well - but that's Cavaliers for you!

The competition was won by the Midlands team. The Western team, which came second, had two small dogs in it - our trainer Maria with her corgi Carina, and another member of our class, Jacqui, with her very pretty Dachshund/American Cocker cross, Izzie (who came joint third in Beginners and received a cup - I'm so pleased, because Jacqui was petrified with nerves beforehand!). In the Inter-Regionals the teams are only allowed to have two collies, so it's a chance for all sorts of other breeds to have a go at Crufts.

Kate, Oliver and Aled

12th March 2011, 03:24 AM
...........with her very pretty Dachshund/American Cocker cross,....

I would love to see a picture. I'm trying to picture what it would look like. I've had quite a few Cockers, both American and English. Sounds very different.

Kate H
12th March 2011, 10:16 AM
Dachshund/American Cocker:

Go to www.obedienceuk.com (http://www.obedienceuk.com) click on Out and About in the menu on the left and then on Crufts Day 1 - Inter-Regionals. As you scroll through the photos, you'll find a photo of Jacqui and Izzy getting a cup for coming third in their class, and also a picture of them doing heelwork (Izzy is small, brown and white and very hairy!). There's also a picture of the Cavalier in the Northern Ireland team photo (they have green tops).

Kate, Oliver and Aled