View Full Version : I Feel Horrible!!!!

12th March 2011, 02:24 AM
I am such a bad mommy...I should have done this WAY long ago.

Coco has a UTI and crystals in her urine! My poor girl, I really wonder how long this has been going on for, because we did have a lot of potty training problems initially and I blamed it on myself not watching her closely enough.

What makes it worse, is that lately she has been SO GOOD with her potty training! I just had noticed her increasingly licking herself which is what finally prompted me to bring her in, and right from day 1 she has always peed multiple times and in small amounts...so I brushed that symptom aside.

If you EVER suspsect something is up with your dog, take them to the vet asap! I feel so horrible for Coco. She is going to get a special dinner tonight!

12th March 2011, 03:42 AM
Don't beat yourself up. It's hard sometimes to know what is 'puppy behavior' and when there is something wrong.

We all do the best we can. At least you DID take her in and she is being treated now.