View Full Version : Really worried about dry skin/fur loss!

13th March 2011, 03:48 PM
We have had our little Cav maggie for 6 weeks - she is now 4 months old, and has been great. This last week I have noticed white flakes looking like dandruff in her black fur ( she is a tricolor) and then clumps of fur falling out. I took her to the vet on Tuesday who checked her for mange ( Negative) and gave her a vitamin B shot. But he said he didnt know what it was.

After looking on line I decided to give her half a teaspoon of fish oil and 1/3 boiled egg each day, which seams to have worked on the really dry skin, and halted the fur loss. But her whole neck area is now hairless :(

She is really happy and doesnt seem to care of know. She never scratched or itched either. She drinks plenty of water and eats Royal canine vetinary precribed dry food.

My question is will the fur grow back? I have heard of puppies shedding their "puppy coat" could that be it? Also we live in Arizona where the weather just went up to 89f in the last 2 weeks - is this something to do with it?

Any advice would be great - this is the first puppy I have ever had I am a little worried!

15th March 2011, 10:29 AM
My childhood dog went through something similar to what you are describing. The vet determined that it was an allergic reaction to the food he was on and gave my parents a medicated shampoo that would help relieve the skin and i believe a pill that would be equivalent to benedryl. His hair did grow back and he skin was no longer flakey. So if the vitamin B is not the solution maybe can explore this option.
I lived in florida when we had this dog, every year he would start leaving large clumps of his feathering around the house to help deal with the heat. So its a very good possibility she is just adjusting to the weather.
Good luck and hope maggie gets better !!!:-)

15th March 2011, 12:53 PM
Did your vet check for Cheyletiella mites? Commonly known as Walking dandruff.

17th March 2011, 01:16 AM
When they test for mites, don't they test for all types of mites?

Claire shed a LOT when she was a puppy as she lost her puppy hair. But, I think you're talking about something completely different.

Can you post a pictures?