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15th March 2011, 03:59 PM
Hello, I am new to CavalierTalk, and I have a question. My new puppy has developed bad tear stains. I took him to the vet, and the vet said that he has a nasal blockage. She basically told me that I need to give him eye drops for maybe the rest of his life( eye drops=$35). I am baffled because when I got him, his eyes were completely clean, and I felt maybe he was allergic to something at or around my house. I have tried to give him the eye drops, but he completely resists. I pretty much end up just spilling all the eye drops on his face, without landing any drops in his eyes.

My question is: Is my vet just trying to make an extra buck by prescribing eye drops, or is my lil puppy allergic to something at my house? I asked my vet about Angel Eyes for tear stains, and she told me not to use that until he is at least a year old because it affects the enamel in their teeth. Can someone please comment on this? Thank you.

Jasper and Holly
15th March 2011, 10:09 PM
My two had tear stains when they were pups and it was because they were teething. You just have to wipe them every day. You can get a product called crystal eyes and that will clean the stains as just water won't do it. I would maybe get a second opinion from another vet?

16th March 2011, 03:08 AM
My Bella didn't develope tear staining until she was older. Maybe 6-8 months old. I was told as long as it doesn't have a smell to it, its ok. Just wipe daily, very gently, with a warm wash cloth. If there is a smell, it could be a yeast infection, or other eye issue.
See your vet for diagnosis. Good luck!

16th March 2011, 07:19 AM
Brooklyn has the same issue with tear stains. I just wipe them with a damp rag twice a day, and when they get bad I use this stuff from Aristo Pet called "Professional Groomer - Tear Stain Remover". I just started it, so I will let you know if it works!

Jasper and Holly
16th March 2011, 09:00 AM
It will work. I used the cotton wool pads you use to get make up off. Or cotton wool balls. Just make sure you don't get it in the eyes. It does smell but I never had a problem with an infection.

16th March 2011, 09:57 AM
Tear stains are a common problem with puppies.
You can just do as others have suggested and keep the area under the eyes washed and dried and they will in most cases disappear over time.
Sometimes there may be an underlying medical reason,but I would have a different vet take a look at your puppy.You can also protect the stained area with a barrier like vaseline lip balm which prevents the stain from soaking into the hair.
Tetracyclines can interfere with development of teeth,but I had a look at the website for Angeleyes and Tylosin the antibiotic in the product belongs to the macrolides group which as far as I know hasn't been problematic in dogs.However having your puppy on longterm antibiotic therapy isn't a great idea overall,especially if you're unsure about any underlying medical condition.
If you ever feel unconvinced by a vet's recommendations a second opinion is always a good idea.
Tear stains may be unsightly,but in most cases are nothing to worry about..simply a cosmetic thing that sorts itself out as your puppy grows.

16th March 2011, 09:14 PM
Use the warm damp cloth first but make sure you dry it off well at the end. That helps prevent infection if you can help keep it dry. Many Cavs apparently have in their earlier years especially. Am told some just produce more tears and have small drainage ducts. Gracie has had this on and off since we have had her. Usually most common when exercising outside in the cold or first thing in the morning.

16th March 2011, 11:36 PM
I use saline solution on a cotton ball to wipe the area every day. I've also had success with a product called Kleenface (google it to find it) on a cotton ball and wiping the area daily.

If it's a puppy, sometimes they tear (and stain) when teething. Another thing people say works is a blob of cream cheese or plain yogurt in their food.