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16th March 2011, 11:54 AM

I am looking for advice on how to clean my tiled kitchen floor with an ammonia free cleaner? Can anyone recommend anything? She is still picking up the smell no matter how I clean it.

Also, she has gone in the same place on the sitting room carpet a few times - any advice on how to clean this?



Sydneys Mom
16th March 2011, 03:44 PM
Hi Caroline,
For tile floors and other hard surfaces, I use Windex Multi-Surface cleaner with vinegar. There's no smell and works really well. On carpets I use Procyon which I bought from a professional carpet cleaner. It takes the stains right up.

17th March 2011, 01:13 PM
You can use some white vinegar (I prefer the type distilled from grains and the bottle will say if it is this type) mixed with water. You can go 1:4 or even 1:2. The acidity of the vinegar cuts the urine odor. I use it on my wood floors and carpet when Sophie was in potty-training. She never had an accident in the same place.

Vinegar has anti-bacterial qualities, too. I use the same mixture (all in a spray bottle) on my kitchen countertops for the past two or three years. It's natural, non-toxic, organic, and effective.

17th March 2011, 01:56 PM
Agree with the white vinegar. I've also used plain water with some grapefruit seed extract in it (amazing antibacterial) or all natural cleaners from Seventh Generation or Mrs. Meyers.

17th March 2011, 05:20 PM
For the carpet - biological washing powder/liquid diluted in warm (not boiling hot!) water works a treat on carpets (and also hard floors). The enzymes break down the ammonia in the pee and takes the smell (and stain!) right out. Have lots of clean clothes or towels to get any residual liquid out of the carpet and leave to air dry. There are also enzyme cleaners available in pet stores that do the same job but the bio mix works just as well and smells nice too ;)

For the tiled kitchen floor - I use a mix of bio powder/liquid and a little disinfectant (eg. Dettol (non cloudy one) or Milton) in warm water, and give it a quick rinse over with plain water afterwards. Very good for getting rid of nasty smells, great at getting dirt off the floor and safe for dogs and kids to be on once air dried. Sometimes I put some Tea Tree oil into the water (usually instead of the disinfectant) which has antibacterial and antifungal properties and smells very fresh! I also use this bio mix on the dogs bedding when I wash it and it works very well.

If you are looking for something stronger, chlorine bleach gets rid of ammonia smells but needs to be rinsed very well before small paws walk on it.

17th March 2011, 10:12 PM
Look at a pet store for a hard surface cleaner with enzymes. Store bought cleaners a lot of time are not meant for urine, which has enzymes that they dogs can smell even after you have cleaned it up. Same goes for carpets. It's all about the enzymatic cleaners!


Here is one that is a pheramone cleaner.

10th April 2011, 12:45 PM
I have a top of the range Vax to clean the upstairs carpets, so I do them every couple of weeks or so to keep them looking and smelling fresh.

Somebody suggested adding 1 capfull of Persil Small and Mighty to the shampoo mixture to take away the odour of any little 'accidents' my 3 boys claim to have:cry*ing: - well when I catch them in the act that is icon_devil My carpets still come up fresh and clean smelling with only half the amount of expensive Vax Shampoo.