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Karen and Ruby
24th March 2011, 05:01 PM
Hi all

We haven't been around for quite a while now after my trustee laptop died on me just after Christmas so have missed out on alot that has been going on with all the members here!

I can't tell you just how much i've missed everyone here and being a part of everything!!

We are all doing OK here but have a few issues tha have popped up lately for which, as always, I would love a bit of help!!

I last took Ruby to the Vet a few weeks ago for a check up and our Vet told us she was leaving the surgery! Stephanie has been our Vet since Ruby 1st came home with me at 8 weeks old and we have never seen anyone else.

It has left me somewhat paniced as apart from Dr Rusbridge we have no others who know Ruby and our situation.
So I am left trying to find a new Vet as as much as I would love to take Ruby to Clare all the time its just not possible with the distance.

What questions should I ask the surgeries that I visit and does anyone live around South Essex that can recommend anyone??

The second problem is the Heat- which is already affecting Ruby far earlier than last year.
My dog walkers have mentioned her slowing down over the last week and I took her out this morning at 9am- it was nicely warm but still a chill in the air- and she lasted 20 mins before she seemingly ran out of Gas.
And that was before it even got 'warm' as I would say.

I've clipped her shorter today, althoough mainly just Belly, back and thinned the feathering around her legs, shaved behind her ears so can't be seen from the front.

She does have a cool coat which is fantastic BUT its still only March and i'm left worrying how she will cope this year!

I hope everyone is well on the Board and I have the rest of the evening to catch up on 3 months worth of Posts :smile:

24th March 2011, 05:24 PM
Hi and welcome back. You have a lot of reading to catch up on - think it might take more than one evening :lol:
With regard to Ruby, are you sure it's the heat, and not something else that could be slowing her down? Did you mention this to your vet when you were there recently?

With regard to what to ask a new vet, I suppose things like after hours emergency care, opening hours, fees, familiarity with SM and the other illnesses that cavaliers get. How many vets are in the practice, and are you likely to see the same vet each time.
I'm sure there are loads of other questions too and someone else will let you know what they are.

24th March 2011, 05:46 PM
Welcome Back!

Sorry to hear Ruby is not dealing well with the heat. Living in Texas I can tell you my 3 are becoming the same way. (Yesterday we hit around 88 F.) I'm not a very early riser and by 9am we are already warming up. I have found much shorter out's have helped. Everyone get's outside to potty and right back in. Then after dark everyone goes outside for a good run and play session.

As far as vet's I'm not much help. We have been struggling with finding a right vet since I got my first Cavalier. We are again on the hunt for another vet. My biggest suggestion is find one who is familiar with SM and willing to work with you and talk with you about it.

Good Luck!

Jasper and Holly
25th March 2011, 03:31 AM
I don't know how you would cope here in Brisbane the heat and humidity is unbelievable. I have to get out for a walk at 6.30am before it's too hot. Maybe it is something else?