View Full Version : Still irritation in his intestine?

25th March 2011, 11:01 AM
Hi everybody, I 'd like to know your opinions about what is going on with Nickey.

After a colitis 3 weeks ago whose cause is unknown according to the vet (no worms found), treated with an antibiotic (Spiramicin) and Florentero ( a probiotic ) Nickey's feces are back to normal.
Antibiotic treatment stopped a week ago, Florentero yesterday, so suggested the vet.

Maybe due to the antibiotic, he had some constipation 10 days ago, solved with some fruit (apple) added to his meals.Ha has had always apple, only when the colitis was on he didn't, and now he still has some apple in one of his meals.
He has Burns Chicken and Rice twice a day and some treats occasionally ( Yarrah organic biscuits, all vegetables).

For a couple of days now I have noticed this behaviour that is worrying me: suddenly he starts to get restless and bark, until i take him out, then he simply walks with no apparent interest in pooping, so I take him back home but then restarts barking so we go out again and finally he poops or, when out , he immediately keeps looking for the right place to poop, and then he successes .

All looks really strange to me, the vet didn't pay much attention to it simply saying that he is well educated so he asks to go out, what is your opinion?

Thank you very much

Sydneys Mom
25th March 2011, 04:38 PM
Have you had his anal sacs checked? Sydney often has the same behavior when his are full. Also, he scoots if uncomfortable.

28th March 2011, 01:04 AM
After the long colitis bout Gracie has just had she started scooting again today. I am sure all the soft poop has created anal gland issues. Will have that checked this week.