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28th March 2011, 07:41 PM
Recently put down a deposit on our first gorgeous female blenheim.

We spoke to the breeder today who told us that we could collect the puppy two week earlier (6 weeks old) as mum has got really sore from feeding and the puppies are now on solids.

We had understood that 8 weeks was a good time all round but do people think that 6 weeks is too early to separating puppy from mum?

Also breeder is quoting 100 for us to get the KC certificate? That doesn't sound right. Any thoughts?


28th March 2011, 08:23 PM
I'm sorry but I would be really very concerned about this breeder :( I strongly recommend you read the sections on buying a puppy on the forum.

6 weeks is far too early to collect a puppy :( Cavaliers are very immature, they should really not leave home until at least 10 weeks. It is pure laziness on the part of the breeder, not wanting to feed them and clean up after them. They should still be getting a late night feed from Mum. They need the socialistion with the rest of the litter to learn bite inhibition etc, otherwise you will have problems as puppy matures.

It does not cost 100 to register a puppy!! The breeder should cover the cost of registration anyway - in the UK it is 12 for the breeder to register them! Not sure where you are? If you are in the UK, please contact Margaret Carter with regard to finding a good breeder. This is Margaret's website http://cavalierpuppy.co.uk/

Cathy T
28th March 2011, 10:29 PM
This is really very alarming :eek:8 weeks is considered very young to bring a Cavalier puppy home....10 or 12 weeks is preferable. So 6 weeks is far far too young. There is definitely something wrong going on here. I would not go through with this. I'm sorry, I know that is disappointing but there are red flags all over this. Please follow Nicki's suggestions. Hope things work out for you.

Margaret C
28th March 2011, 10:56 PM
I cannot think of any reputable breeder that would let a puppy go at 6 weeks. 8 weeks would be the very minimum.

The mother will be reluctant to feed her puppies much when they have reached that age, but most breeders have ways to deal with that, even if it is only making sure that she can take herself somewhere out of reach when they become too much for her.

Charging 100 to KC register a puppy is unbelievable.

I am sending you a Private Message with my phone number.

29th March 2011, 01:22 AM
This is outright banned by the AKC, puppies aren't allowed to leave before 8 weeks and breeders cannot charge extra for registration papers (they can charge for breeding rights). I'm surprised the kennel club doesn't have similar ethics requirements, it's really a bare minimum.
I don't suppose you can get your deposit back?

30th March 2011, 08:49 AM
Thanks for the advice. Think that all sorts of alarm bells are ringing. Stuck between rock and hard place as unlikely to get deposit back!

Will let you know what happens!