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28th March 2011, 11:32 PM
Hi everyone!
I've just joined the website, but I've been reading it for a couple of weeks now, and it's amazing how much I've learned through this forum!
So, my Dexter - a gorgeous black and tan puppy Cavalier - is now 12 weeks old and is so lovely (it's amazing how much he LOVES people). He can sit, down, kiss, touch, pee and poop on command, come when called and even lets me brush him - when I lure him with a treat, of course icon_whistling Still can't get him to stay though... will work on that when his attention spam is a little better.
My concern with him is... we've been out for a walk now 3 times and he refuses to walk outside. He cries the entire time and jumps up on my legs... I've taken him to very quiet places the first couple of times, and today I tried a very open space, but I can't get him to enjoy the walk (we only walk for 5 to 10 min, since he's still a baby). Will he grow out of it? Should I not be concerned?
I've trained him to walk on a leash inside the house first, so I know the problem is not going on a leash.. because he's used to it. The problem is outside. He seems to hate it, and is not curious at all about the world. I thought every puppy would be, maybe I am wrong? icon_nwunsure
Can someone please help me with this matter?
Thanks so much!

Kate H
29th March 2011, 02:30 PM
If it didn't make you look conspicuous (not to mention daft!) you might try lying flat on the pavement and looking at the world with a puppy's eye view!:lol: Some puppies cope well with all those legs, buggies, bikes, footballs etc, etc; others are a little more shy. Why not take him somewhere (carried or by car) where you can sit on a bench with him on your lap and just watch the world go by? Talk cheerfully, have little games, cuddles and a few treats and just let him have a good look round. It's also a good level for people to come and fuss him - my tiny B/T puppy was made hand shy for life when he was first out on a lead by people bending over him (like trees about to fall on him) to pat him, instead of crouching down to him or fussing him in my arms. If he starts to associate being out wth nice happenings and feeling secure, he should get better.

It also depends how much socialising his breeder did before you got him - if he came from the country, he might not have met traffic noise, and even away from traffic the world can be a noisy place. If the fear persists it might be worth getting his sight checked - Cavaliers don't have good long sight, and if your boy is particulalry shortsighted this could also make the outside world a very confusing and scary place.

Kate, Oliver and Aled

29th March 2011, 06:23 PM
Aww he sounds just absolutely precious! Does he go potty outside? That was my pups first introduction to the outdoors, and we gradually went further and further on walks. Bring him out hungry, with very tasty and special treats! Throw some around you to encourage him to go different directions on his own, and try a long leash. A shorter leash may accidentally get tight and for now with leash training it is best to let the pup explore without being pulled by the leash.

Is he maybe afraid of the leash? You can also try practicing walks inside your house to get him started, walk out the front door give some treats, go back inside, then each time try to go further out the front door.

He will be loving his walks in no time :) Pics please!!

Jasper and Holly
31st March 2011, 09:41 PM
It took me ages to get my two to walk on a lead! I started with a lead but changed to a harness so much better and comfortable for the dogs. It just takes time and you just have to be patient he is still only very young yet. I would just enjoy playing with him around your house and garden and introducing the lead every now and then. You have heaps of time to come to go for walks. Even sometimes now they would rather play in the garden or run at the dog park. When I go out in the morning for a walk which is around 6am because of the heat. Holly goes right to the car she wants the dog park and Jasper parks his bottom on the floor and wants to stay in bed!!. I reckon he'd stay in bed most of the day! Lol
By the end of our walk they are full of energy and finish off with a run and play in the garden or yard as we call it here in Australia.
He'll get used to it soon. Yes can we have more photos you can never have too many. Especially when they are puppies.

3rd April 2011, 10:09 PM
do you have another dog, or a friend with a dog who can go on a walk with you? in my own experience i have found that both dogs and puppies will move along while on leash if there is a dog next to them to follow and show them how.

5th April 2011, 09:12 AM
Thanks everyone for your replies.
I'm still trying to get him used to it... but nothing seems to work. I don't comfort him when he's crying and we only walk for 5 min anyway... I tried bringing his favourite toys with us, his favourite treats etc, but he will just sit down and refuse to walk further (after the first minute) and then if I don't go back home - or in the car - he will jump up on my legs, crying like crazy. The beach was an exception. We took him there last weekend and he was fine! But when we take him anywhere else.... nightmare! :cry*ing:
He loves people, so I know he's not scared of people, I think he's scared of the environment around him. And I don't know anyone that has a dog, so I can't really have another dog walking with us (he's well socialized though, through puppy school - too bad I forgot to exchange phone numbers with the puppy owners there :( ). It's so frustrating.. I would like him to enjoy going for a walk :(
He's 13 weeks old now....

5th April 2011, 09:40 AM
I think maybe it would be good to view this in context :) -- he is the equivalent of a very young toddler right now and though you can do some fun, easy, basic training that you will build on later, he is just too young too be able to remember commands for very long so be sure to not expect anything like a 'stay' (this is actually a very difficult command for a dog and while you can do some fun early training, it isn't the kind of thing you really can expect to hold til he is older than 6 months+). Also: most pups go through several phases and while it can be easy to start some fun training, pups generally tend to 'forget' things for phases as they get older, especially around their adolescence.

A rewards based training class would almost certainly help with walks. He definitely should not be brought out and pulled along or made to do anything he doesn't want. A class would give you guidance on positive ways to encourage him to take some early steps. But again -- this isn;t all that unusual for a puppy only 12 weeks -- he'd really only just be past his puppy vax series and this must be his first introduction to a huge world. Carry him out for short walks so he gets used to noises. Use a tasty food lure to just encourage him out the door and to you then lots of praise, and have that be enough. Don't overwhelm him. If he walks one minute, what is happening for the other 4 of the 5 minute walks? If he stops after 1 minute I'd just carry him back home or try walking back home but that is your starting length of a walk -- don't try to make him do 5 yet if he only wants to do 1. :)

A lot of practice can be done in harness and lead in the house and back garden. In your place, I would do a second puppy class and talk to the instructor to get some positive approaches for this.

If you haven't, do go download the free copy of After You Get Your Puppy from www.dogstardaily.com (under quick links, then free downloads). That will give you lots of ideas and structure for bringing up a puppy to get the adult dog you want! :D

Jasper and Holly
5th April 2011, 10:05 AM
He's just beautiful. It can be frustrating but you just have to be patient he will get there in time. Just enjoy the puppy fun. They do settle down it's just like having kids! Lol

5th April 2011, 11:47 AM
He is adorable. I wouldn't worry about this, as has been said,the world is a very strange place for a small puppy. I bet it won't be very long before he will be pleading with those big eyes to be taken out for a walk :razz: and you will wonder what on earth you were worrying for :dogwlk:

5th April 2011, 01:58 PM
Dexter is just sooo cute!

Good luck with getting him on walks.