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29th March 2011, 12:21 AM
The answer from a breeder on another post that guideline say 18 months (not true) but some wait until 2 because hips can't get certified until then sparked a question. Even though what the breeder said was not true, I did read that OFA will not certify hips until they are 2 years old.

My thought is there has to be a reason for certain protocols which why could this not be the same for other tests? I am sure OFA is across the board for breeds but hearts why could they not do this too for 2 1/2?

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29th March 2011, 12:42 AM
Some places will certify at 18 months. I know Canada does. Not sure if they only certify hips. I also believe that they are a pass/fail grading system.

I would rather wait to have a mature dog checked, and I would rather know what is going on based on a set scale. Generally the age is set so that the dog is finished growing when the tests are run. A young dog can show very good hips, then at 2 years old they can show as dysplastic.

29th March 2011, 01:31 AM
Growth is finished by 2. So joints can be certified at that age.
The guidelines for hearts and SM are cavalier specific, the guidelines for hips are not.
Breeding at 2.5 is a compromise between health and necessity, not the ideal for hearts or SM. Eyes and hearts need to be checked annually, but an MRI annually would be really expensive (at least at US prices), gene tests for certain disorders can be done at any age and only need to be performed once.