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3rd April 2011, 02:51 AM
Hi my name is Jackie and I'm here because my 4 year old girl has grade 4 MVD. I knew nothing about cavaliers health until after I got her. She was fine being checked every 6 months for cardiac problems and sudenly in September was diagnosed. I had her seen by a cardiologist and it was a grade 4. She is on all the usual meds including Vetmedin. I am glad for a place to go for more information about cavaliers.
I just read here that Vetmedin should not be given with food. The vet never told me that and I didn't see in the brochure where it said this. Does anyone know why and how it should be given?

3rd April 2011, 06:01 PM
Cinders is 11 and has grade5 MVD. She has been on Vetmedin for just over 2 years now and is doing very well.

I was advised that it had to be taken at least one hour before food, or three hours after food in order for it to be effective. There are others who come onto to the board who may be able to give you the exact reasons for that.:)

3rd April 2011, 07:04 PM
This is why:

What is the Vetmedin dose rate?
It is advised that the dog is weighed accurately, then given between 0.2mg and 0.6mg per kilogram bodyweight of the dog. Vetmedin is not absorbed very well from the stomach, and only about two thirds of the drug (at most) gets into the blood stream. The rest is wasted and passes out with the faeces. This is important to keep in mind because any food present in the stomach will dramatically reduce the amount of pimobendan (the active ingredient) absorbed. If you give Vetmedin with food, you might well be wasting three quarters of the drug because it is never absorbed from the gut! Therefore it is advised to give Vetmedin on an empty stomach, ideally about one hour before any food. This will get the greatest value out of the medication. Vetmedin does not last long in the body, so it has to be given twice a day, ideally 12 hours between doses.

from an info sheet written by a vet.


5th April 2011, 02:16 AM
Thanks so much for the reply. I just don't understand why the vet never gave these directions.