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5th April 2011, 10:30 AM
Hi, Id like to know what seat belts you all use for car travel please:drivecar: Our BFs are retiring at the end of the month & hope to take my girls out more so we're searching for just the right back seat belts/harness/chair bed. Theres so much choice we decided it was best to ask for your help! the girls wont be going in a crate in the boot(only cos its not our preferred choice:)) So far on the rare occasions we go in their car the girls & I are in the back,with them on my lap but obviously we need a better, correct way & it could be theyll go without me,if im at work(the girls are always at work with me)Tho at times I'll go too

Ive looked at RAC & Clix seatbelts, clip in harnesses(lots) & various box style chair clip in beds,I saw pics on here ages ago someone had posted of theirs in a pink "chair" very cute.I need it to be as comfortable as possible for Rubes with her SM but also safe.

So what would you all recommend for the girls to be ready for their summer of fun?

5th April 2011, 01:21 PM
Leo travels in the boot in his crate. I did buy him a car harness. I think it was called Ezee Harness. Trouble was he wriggled out of it when we were driving along:shock: It was done up quite tight too!!!!
So he travels in the crate all the time now. It'll depend on how good your two are at sitting still:thmbsup:

5th April 2011, 02:48 PM
Mimi uses a normal padded harness and a seat belt attatchment, im not sure of the make but it has 3 different types of seat belt clips on one end then the clip on the other end like the end of the lead, it is adjustable so that she can move but it can be made small enough to stop her from getting in the back footwell. She didnt like it the first few times as up until that time i had sat with her but like you said there may only be one person in the car sometimes so it was better for me to get her used to being back there on her own, some people may dissagree with me but we dont crate her either, its just personal preference i think, i have seen a few different types of 'seat you can buy which have a sturdy clip attatched to the inside to clip on a regular harness which we are going to get soon when we can decided which one we want. As we started putting her in the back alone when she was just 7 months she has realised she isnt missing anything, she can lie down if she wants and even look out the window so she is very well behaved except for when she hears a motorbike then she has a grumble but then she gets over it.

5th April 2011, 04:48 PM
I would avoid the elevated seats as they do not seem to have any kind of adequate safety features and if anything, put the dogs at a more dangerous level where they could be slammed into the back of the seat in front, or catapulted through the air:(.

The seatbelt clips that give the dog a certain length to move around on also are not very safe, and would be lethal if they are just attached to the dog's collar as they would just become a device for hanging the dog or decapitating it (a harness is better but not much I think). Basically they would just become a noose to hang the dog and as most of them are adjustable in length the hard force of a car crash even at a slow speed could easily force the lead out to its full length which would again, probably kill a cavalier on impact and break its neck as it hit the back of the seat in front of it. I am not sure that people always understand the physics of a car crash–that you might only be traveling at 25 or 30 mi./h, but if you hit a stationary object, or a car traveling at an equivalent modest speed in the other direction, you could be hurled forward with up to a ton of impact. I found the actual calculation and put it in a thread long ago, but I don't remember any longer where it is on the board!

If people want to (safely!) see what would happen to dogs in a crash, including what happens with dogs on a harness with too long a lead attached to a seatbelt, then check out this video using crash test dummies and stuffed dogs:


There are several harnesses that are designed to be safe; these hook into the seat belt but do not allow the seatbelt to extend and should not give extra length for the dog to move around in the back -- or if they do, they should be shortened so that the dog would not have the length to flip around and smack into the back of the seat in front In a crash. A good safe harness should have broad straps so that they do not slice into the dog if there were an impact, and ideally would be padded around the chest. I would also look for metal clips, not plastic clips that buckle into the seat belt.

The RAC ones are fairly decent.

I wouldn't put dogs in the boot/trunk of a car for travel regardless of whether they are in a crate or not (a hatchback is a bit different :) ). An actual boot is pretty dark and claustrophobic, and there's little safety protection if the car were rear-ended. Car travel in a crate should be in a hard plastic crate in the back seat, buckled securely so that the crate will not move, or in the hatchback area as an alternative but I still think the backseat is safer because it's inside the frame that is intended to protect passengers were is the hatchback area is not. Being in a crate also allows the dog a bit more freedom of movement than being on a harness. I have found many dogs twist themselves around in the harness and then get quite upset.

Of course a dog should never go in a front seat, as most people know :) –these days almost all cars have airbags and a dog the size of the cavalier would easily be killed on impact if the bag deployed. A dog sitting on a lap in the back or the front is also a potentially lethal object in a moving car and would not be likely to survive even a modest impact because it would be catapulted through the air, where it could also seriously injure or kill car passengers, especially children.

It's definitely worth investing in a good sturdy harness or hard plastic crate for traveling :D; though a solid wire crate buckled in should be okay too. :thmbsup:

5th April 2011, 05:36 PM
"I wouldn't put dogs in the boot/trunk of a car for travel regardless of whether they are in a crate or not (a hatchback is a bit different :) ). An actual boot is pretty dark and claustrophobic, and there's little safety protection if the car were rear-ended."

Gosh I hope it didnt read like I put Leo in the boot of our car with the back down!! We have a hatchback where the crate goes!

murphy's mum
5th April 2011, 06:05 PM
Our two used to travel in the boot, behind a dog guard. However, they both started getting anxious, Murphy started licking the dog guard like crazy, and Misty wouldn't stop whining.

So we bought a travel harness, which is suitable for walking them in too: http://www.petsathome.com/shop/safety-car-harness-for-dogs-by-pets-at-home-14470. Misty is an angel in the back, she soon lies down and sleeps, until we stop for any length of time in traffic. Then she's up for a nose around. However, Murphy took quite a while to get used to it, and was constantly trying to pull forward to try and squeeze through to the front. Even though the harness didn't allow him, he still kept trying. We kept rewarding him with small training treats everytime he lay down, and he's soon got used to it.

Gosh I hope it didnt read like I put Leo in the boot of our car with the back down!! We have a hatchback where the crate goes!

Lol I didn't think that when I first read it, but I now have a picture of a little Cavalier closed in the dark boot :cool:

Jasper and Holly
6th April 2011, 01:06 AM
My two use a harness and have a seatbelt that clips onto the back of it. I also have a hammock which stops them falling into the footwell. It's waterproof too which is great for when we have been to the beach. It was only $10 from Kmart it's really good it just hooks over the back seat headrests and front seat headrests to form a hammock.

6th April 2011, 03:52 AM
I use this one - Champion Canine Seat Belt (http://www.usak9outfitters.com/CCSS.htm). The attachment I tighten so it's very short.

I also looked into RuffRider (http://www.ruffrider.com/) but they were between models when I got mine.

Looked into the PetBuckle (http://www.immioutdoors.com/petbuckle/) but some reviews said it slipped around on their dog.

The Snoozer (http://www.snoozer-dog-beds.com/Travelon/Snoozer%20Super-Safety%20Dog%20Car%20Harness.htm) has been crash tested at 30mph for 30lbs.

All of the above have metal pieces where any pressure could be applied. I think most of them have been crash tested too.

6th April 2011, 04:18 AM
This is what we have for Rose: http://www.amazon.com/Pet-Gear-Signature-Carrier-20-pounds/dp/B00134MXF2

It has a leash attachment inside for if you want to unzip the top and let them stick their head out (we use it on her harness, not her collar). Admittedly, we're still working on sitting all the way IN it when I unzip the top, but we've had 3 tries so far, and it's getting better, lol. Rose does have a backseat "tender" to help, though, and she has been in the front seat on a 2 hour trip and was getting the hang of it (my airbag doesn't turn on for anyone/anything under 80lbs ;) ). I like it because it zips apart for easy storage, and while it keeps her safe, it also has a little bit of "give" if she gets slung around in it, has plenty of air circulation, and she seems pretty comfy in it. It's also pretty inexpensive, compared to the others I've looked at.

When you're connecting the car crates with a seat belt, make sure you do it like a carseat, and pull the seatbelt all the way out, hook it, and then steadily feed it back in until it's snug so it will "lock" and not have the comfort give thing like when you just hook it for yourself ;) .

This is also one that I have read about people liking (the "pet tube") that also folds flat for convenience while travelling: http://www.drsfostersmith.com/product/prod_display.cfm?pcatid=22222

I've tried a couple of seat belt harnesses with Rose, and she just wiggles out of them, too.:rolleyes:

If money were no object, I might be tempted to get one of these: http://store.sleepypod.com/Official_Sleepypod_Store_s/22.htm

Brian M
6th April 2011, 09:33 AM

This is our method of transport with two pics I have posted prior .As a norm Poppy and Daisy go in the back crate and Rosie and Lily are on the back seat in secure seat belt secured harness 's and when we go on hols I have to fit a roof box for any human items as after I have sorted what I need for the girls there is no room in the car for our stuff .




6th April 2011, 09:41 AM
We use these for Bailey and Dylan which we clip on to their puppia harnesses-


6th April 2011, 02:00 PM
I personally dont feel a crate is safe in a car because if you do have an accident the dog isnt secured to anything so will be hit againts the crate and if in a serious accided and the crate become stuck there would be less chance of getting the dog out than if they were held in a a harness with the seatbelt. These products are safe otherwise they would not be able to be sold by the likes of the rac or halfords.